Yoga in Amed, Padang Bai and Candidasa

Explore the best yoga studios in East Bali: There is plenty of places to get zen and find your inner balance!

Looking for Yoga places in Bali? – Studios in Amed, Padang Bai and Candidasa

Bali is an amazing place that is not only attracting surfers but also yogis and people who want to learn how to practice Yoga. Also known as the island of gods, Bali has plenty of Yoga spots to offer. Let’s take a closer look at Yoga studios in Amed, Padang Bai and Candidasa!

Best Yoga studios in Amed


Eat, Pray & Love. Come and stay in one of their 8 bungalows. Every morning, enjoy the view of the fishing boat “ballet” coming back from the sea and then have a lunch in their organic restaurants. In the evening take one of their daily yoga classes at 5:00 PM. They practice Hatha and Vinyasa style which are taught by Balinese and international teachers. They are the first place to offer yoga classes in Amed area, East Coast of Bali, since 2002. Check out their availability on our website!


AIONA is an authentic guesthouse which offers many activities including Yoga sessions. You can learn in a group or in a private lesson. They practice a holistic Yoga as a combination of physical positions and spiritual meanings with exercises of breath. Book your lesson here!

Ocean Prana

Come to OCEAN PRANA and have a class in a lovely bamboo house. Try meditation, breath control, and alignment-focused movement in a peaceful atmosphere. You will feel zen and relaxed. Your body and mental health will thank you! You can also stay longer than a day and enjoy their accommodation and activities for a couple days. Check out their website here!


At Apneista, try Asana classes to get prepared for Pranayama and Meditation. They also receive regularly guest teacher who practice Acro Yoga, Chi Gung and Tantric Yoga. They are also specialized in yoga for freedivers. So, feel free to contact them if you are interested!

Amed Ocean Yoga Festival

The Amed Ocean Yoga is a free festival which takes place on the beautiful Amed Coast of East Bali. All classes are free or based on voluntary donation. Any money raised will 100% be given to local charitable organisations. Support the locals by practising Yoga at Amed Ocean Yoga Festival.  More info on their Facebook page.

Trimurti Yoga Bali

Trimurti Yoga Bali is a training school which offers the 200-hour program to become a yoga teacher. They also propose retreats and daily class. They believe that yoga is art, comes from the heart, can fit everyone and is about being connected to the world and be conscious of what happened nowadays. To learn more about their philosophy check out their page!

Life Bali

Come to Bali Life and you will feel younger and stronger!  Keep some time during your trip to Bali to experience Yoga in Amed, in a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by the sea. They are beachfront in a small fishing village, so it is the perfect place to be away from your busy life and south of Bali! Click here to discover their offers and packages.

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Best Yoga studio in Padang Bai

Padang Bai Yoga Balé

The Yoga studio in Padang Bai offers Hatha yoga classes which support deep opening and connection through Asana, Pranayama and mantra with a focus on alignment. However, they are currently closed and they will open again in November 2018! Have a look at their website.

Stay close to your Yoga studio in Padang Bai – Accommodations in walking distance

Best Yoga studios in Candidasa

Patanjali Institute

This yoga studio is training new yoga teachers and hypnotherapists during specific sessions all year long. Apply to one of their training and enjoy your stay in Candidasa.

Ashram Gandhi

Learn Yoga at Ashram Gandhi, a guesthouse owned by the locals for 2 generations. You will meet really devoted people and they will teach you many things about their culture. Check out their website to learn more about their story.

Stay close to your Yoga studios in Candidasa – Accommodations in walking distance

Watch out Yoga Lovers!

Find even more accommodations close to Yoga Studios and Yoga Classes within walking distance in Bali. Some  yoga places also offer in-house yoga or other spiritual activities. After exploring your true inner self, explore all your guesthouse possibilities!

Since we are all human but all different, we prepared something for you. You’re rather an artist and writer instead of a yogi? Or a luxury lover? No problem! We have places for your personal wishes, wants and needs. Find your perfect accommodation now. Dare to be different, dare to be yourself!


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