Why we do what we do

A global journey full of belief, passion, and love.

Booking with HSH Stay you do everything right: For yourself, for the locals and for the earth!

Did you know HSH Stands for Home Sweet Home? That’s what we do: We are an online booking platform for local accommodation in Indonesia helping you to feel like home! With HSH Stay we want to promote Sustainable Travelling and open the beautiful doors of Indonesia to the world. But there is more than that, here we explain you Why we do what we do!

We are not here to judge but it’s obvious that rice fields disappear, resorts and villas grow! Indonesia is a magical place on earth but it’s not a secret – it’s changing. Booking with Home Sweet Home you are helping the locals and support sustainable tourism in the long run – You help their businesses to be alive and grow. Learn more about Sustainable Travelling!

Sustainable Travel with HSH Stay

We truly believe another booking website is exactly what the world needs! Compared to other platforms, the locals don’t pay any fees and any commission to Home Sweet Home. We travel and find the places, take pictures, write some nice words and bring them online.lombok-accommodation-the-spot-bungalows-family


The prices you see are the walk-in rates, made by the locals. So you might wonder how we make money? We simply charge a booking fee of 11% when making a booking with us. The room rate you simply pay the rate in cash on arrival. You have to know it’s not common for Indonesians to have credit cards or even bank accounts. 

We are living in a world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Specially in a second world country like Indonesia many people simply don’t know how to get their business online.And if though, most of the times the pictures aren’t nice and the description isn’t inviting. That’s why we are here for: We go around and actively list the places online! We call it Treasure Hunting! 

…and tree houses, homestays, tents, hammocks & more – You name them all! There is no limit to creativity. Home Sweet Home offers a type of accommodations, which are not hotels, resorts or villa. We love the local style! Do you remember reading your guidebook and coming across those bungalow/beach cottage places? Yup, that’s it – That’s what Home Sweet Home offers!


Hidden places which you can only access by foot located above the cliffs – Bamboo huts right at the beach in the middle of nowhere or a house in the tree. We were surprised what amazing hidden treasures we have found! Wake up and live in a dream with Home Sweet Home.  Check out highlights! 



Staying with Home Sweet Home it’s not a 5* but a Million Stars Experience. And who knows better than travellers? Our local super hosts make you speechless: They go beyond hospitality and will introduce you to their local traditions and culture. They care about you as part of their family. Meet Local Super Hosts!

local super hosts

Everyday is a great day to give something back. We love to give you gifts and help you planning an unforgettable vacation. Get our free gifts: Packing List for Bali & Indonesia, Guide BookInstagram Bucket List and don’t forget receiving your FREE personalized Travel PlannerGet your gifts now! 

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We don’t only offer accommodation but also transfers and activities – Everything made by the locals, of course! Get picked up from the airport, travel from A to B with HSH Ride & dive into the beautiful culture with HSH Activities! 

biking canggu bali outdoor wayan

Booking with Home Sweet Home you do everything right: For yourself, for the locals and for the earth!


Meet the faces behind Home Sweet Home

Sustainable Travelling with Home Sweet Home


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It’s not about us, it’s about them! Meet the locals.

Love & Hospitality made by the locals Priceless moments with not a 5* but a Million Star Experience

Every booking supports the locals 100% and leaves an impact! Homesweethome.travel generates Impact before profit: Be a part and make a choice!

And your money goes to...

We market the local businesses for free and dont charge any commission for the bookings. We believe in equal opportunities and giving back! What comes around goes around, right? The prices you see online is what the locals get. And the good news is, no commission for the locals means walk-in rates for you!  

A pure & magical experience

We personally visited 99% of all Home Sweet Homes and tested our drivers and activities to offer you not a 5* but a million star experience! Our hard & heart working team is always happy to give you a hand with planning your travels. When was the last time you fell asleep to the sound of the waves? Experience the magic! 

#travelconscious & leave an impact!

Growing tourism changes destinations all over Indonesia & the world. With your booking local hosts can keep their business running. Become a part of a positive change in the world and #travelconscious. Give back to the locals and support our Karma-Business. Book with Homesweethome.travel!