How is the weather in Bali?

Bali is located close to the equator, therefore the climate is tropical hot. Learn more about the weather in Bali.

How is the weather in Bali?

Bali is located close to the equator, therefore the climate is tropical hot. The Bali weather doesn’t experience much of an annual range in temperature. Temperatures are between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius during the day and around 25 degrees at night all year round. But keep in mind: World is changing and the climate is changing – also the Bali Weather. So let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of the weather in Bali!

Weather in Bali: Seasons

Bali weather doesn’t have the typical seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. But you differ between dry and wet season: The dry season is from April to October with sunshine of 6 to 8 hours daily, almost no rain and a water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The rainy season of the weather in Bali is from November to March. It almost daily monsoon-like rain showers and the humidity is close to 100%. But still there are some sunny periods and the rain isn’t constant.

Weather in Bali in the individual months

January – March
There is much rainfall on Bali with an average of 11-16 rain days/month. Even though January to March is the wet season, this period still offers good opportunities to spend nice days at the beach. But the amount of rain and changing currents flow a lot of trash into the ocean and to the beaches.

The rainy days of the Bali weather are getting less and less and the temperature rises to about 32 degrees Celsius. Bali becomes very green all over the island.

According to Bali weather May is the best travel time with an average of about 7 hours/day sun. The rainy season comes to an end, but since it’s still low season it is not that crowded. Also, the prices are lower than in high season.

June – October
Hot Bali Weather time: The average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius water temperature. Humidity has an average of 60 % and rainfall is at a minimum with July and August as the driest months. Sometimes towns are washed with an evening shower, which is really enjoyable with all the heat. This time is Bali’s ‘high season’, therefore you will see many tourists and higher prices.

Weather changes in Bali and rainy season starts slowly. You experience more often rainfalls, especially in the morning and evening. But there are still many sunny days and all in all it is a pleasant climate.

The monsoon determines the Bali weather. Rain can occur very quickly and violently. On some days, rain doesn’t even stop at all. Rain capes and umbrellas are essential equipment during December. Learn more about what to bring to Bali.


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