Why do I have to wait up to 24 h to receive a booking confirmation?

Good things take time. All homestays and guesthouses in Bali and Indonesia are family businesses located all over the islands – sometimes in the most hidden parts of the island. Sometimes the phone signal isn’t the best, while others simply went for grocery shopping. Specially in Bali our local hosts are very busy with ceremonies. Learn more about the Local Life!

Some locals don’t have email addresses or they only check their messages once a week. That’s why we need some time ahead to secure your spot. With all the daily hustles and bustles, this might take up to 24 hours (but usually we are quicker!). In case your booking gets declined we are more than happy to provide you with alternative places to stay. Booking with HSH Stay you are doing everything 100 % right, because you are supporting the locals and travel sustainable. Learn more about Why we do what we do!

Believe us, you will not regret the wait!

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