Treasure Hunting

Welcome to the never ending journey!

What started as a dream is now a global journey of belief, passion, and love.

Enjoy wonderful impressions of our journey finding magical places for HSH Stay. Collectively, we want to bring all cultures together and open the beautiful doors to the world: We want tsupport the local tourism in the long run & promote Sustainable Travelling. 

Nice to meet you, Angel Sabrina!

When HSH Stay began the journey, the Guesthouse owners were very happy and started our team calling ‘Angels’. Sneak a peek and read Sabrina’s beautiful story about how she found magical places, got lost in the middle of nowhere, and accidentally signed up a brothel. Read more about Sabrina’s beautiful treasure hunt on Bali! 

100 Smiles a Day

We need your help!

Not only every booking counts but also your active support. What started as a dream is now a global journey of belief, passion, and love. Our philosophy is to give something back to the locals and share the beautiful culture with the tourists. But the truth is, we cannot find all those places by ourself: We need your help! Follow our treasure hunt and help us finding magical places all over this beautiful earth!

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