Taxis, Drivers, Scooters in Bali: How to get around?

Find the best way too get around in Bali with private drivers, taxis, shuttles and ojeks.

Private drivers in Bali

The easiest and most convenient way of transportation in Bali is to hire a private driver. They offer reasonable rates for airport transfers, tour packages, direct transfers from A to B and are everywhere available in Bali. You are wondering where to find a private driver in Bali? We found the best private drivers for you. The Home Sweet Home drivers are local experts that are happy to share insights about their culture and island and they speak English. Get your Bali Transfer today! 

HSH Ride Driver - Ketut

Blue Bird Taxi Bali

For last minute transfers from A to B, the best way of transportation in Bali is by taxi. Although there are many independent taxi companies in Bali, the most recommended taxi company in Bali are Blue Bird Taxis. In Kuta and Seminyak area, you can directly catch one on the streets, or call them to pick you up at a specific location. Customer and reservation services are available 24/7 with the contact +62 361/701111 or download the application to order a Blue Bird Taxi. The benefits of the Blue Bird Taxis are that they have fixed meter rates and require no negotiation.

The downsides are that Blue Bird Taxis are only available for pick up in Bali’s southern area, such as Kuta, Seminyak, Denpasar and Jimbaran/ Nusa Dua. For other parts in Bali, they are blocked for pickup, as local taxi operators and private drivers rule the area. Blue Bird Taxis are also blocked for Airport pickups, but we will get to your airport transfer options later. Dropoffs are fine all over Bali with a Blue Bird Taxi as long as the pickup location is not in the restricted area.

Shuttles buses & vans in Bali

If you are travelling on a budget in Bali and don’t mind to stick to schedules and longer transfer times, shuttles are a good way to travel around Bali. Perama Tour offers long-distance transfers between the most popular destinations on the island, whereas the Kura-Kura shuttle offers short distance transfers in south Bali. It’s not only a cheap and convenient way to get around for solo travellers and backpackers, but it is also the most eco-friendly way to get around in Bali because you will be sharing your ride.


Gojek & Grab in Bali

Gojek & Grab are another cheap short distance transportation way to get around in south Bali. These are application based motorbike or car taxis with private drivers, just like an Uber. Rates are usually 1/3 of the regular taxi and private driver fares, but same as the Blue Bird Taxi, Gojeks and Grabs are restricted to many areas, as most local communities don’t support this type of transfer service. It poses strong a strong competition to the local businesses which cannot keep up with the dumping prices offered by Gojek and Grab.

Gojek and Grab drivers are banned from the airport. However, you can order a Gojek or Grab once you have arrived and meet him outside the airport gates. Keep in mind, that you need internet on your phone to access the App. Also, you will have to communicate with the drivers to discuss the exact pickup location, which can be a bit of a hassle because most of them don’t speak English very well.Transportation Bali: Gojek

Bali Airport Transfers

Arriving in Bali, there are three options to get to your accommodation: Airport Taxis are available at Bali Airport. Simply find the official Airport Taxi Counter at the international arrival hall. During daytime, rates are fixed and displayed on a board. As mentioned previously, regular meter taxis from the Blue Bird Taxi Company are not available at the airport.

The second option is freelance drivers at the airport that will literally hunt you down to get you get into their car. Please be aware: Their hard selling skills can be a bit annoying! Rates are usually overpriced, as they count on your confusion with the new currency. Their aggressive way will cost you a lot of nerves and negotiation. There is a reason why the airport drivers are called ‘Airport Mafia’.

The most relaxed way to arrive in Bali is by a prearranged private driver. It will save you the disappointment of feeling directly scammed upon arrival of your Bali holiday and is simply the smoothest way! Get your Bali Airport Transfer now with fixed and fair prices from Home Sweet Home.

Bali Airport Transfer

Travelling by scooter in Bali

Who needs a driver? I will drive myself! Many tourists chose to travel around by scooter once they got used to the crazy traffic in Bali. Want to take a closer look to artistic transport skills? Scooter rental is available for affordable daily rates all over Bali and it is indeed fun to feel the hot air blowing in your face. It’s a great adventure, but dangers are often underestimated. Don’t forget that traffic in Bali follows different rules on and not knowing your way around very well you can find yourself quickly in dangerous situations. If you feel ready to hit the streets yourself, ask your local host for scooter rental shops in your area. Rates vary between Rp. 50,000 – Rp. 70,000 per day.Driving Scooter in Indonesia.


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