Sustainable Travelling

With Love & Hospitality – Made by the Locals.

We are not here to judge...

Rice fields disappear, resorts and villas grow! Indonesia is a magical place on earth but it’s not a secret – it’s changing. Toward the better? Toward the worse? We are not here to judge – We are here to help: We want to help the local businesses to get online and support the local tourism in the long run.

Do you think everything was better in the old days?

Why HSH Stay promotes Sustainable Travelling

Booking with HSH Stay you are helping the locals and support sustainable tourism in the long run. We truly believe another booking website is exactly what the world needs! Compared to other platforms, the locals don’t pay any fees and any commission to HSH Stay. The prices you see are the walk-in rates, made by the locals. We want to give the locals a hand and open their beautiful doors to the world. In the long run we are helping to keep the culture alive!

Together we can make it happen: Sustainable Travelling with Love & Hospitality – Let’s do a good deed a day!

Places are made by people: Meet the locals! 

10 Reasons Why We Do What We Do!

Meet the faces behind HSH Stay

We need your help!

Not only every booking counts but also your active support. What started as a dream is now a global journey of belief, passion, and love. Our philosophy is to give something back to the locals and share the beautiful culture with the tourists. But the truth is, we cannot find all those places by ourself: We need your help! Follow our treasure hunt and help us finding magical places all over this beautiful earth!

Meet the faces behind HSH Stay!

Let’s go treasure hunting: How we do it!

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Love & Hospitality made by the locals Priceless moments with not a 5* but a Million Star Experience

Every booking supports the locals 100% and leaves an impact! generates Impact before profit: Be a part and make a choice!

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We market the local businesses for free and dont charge any commission for the bookings. We believe in equal opportunities and giving back! What comes around goes around, right? The prices you see online is what the locals get. And the good news is, no commission for the locals means walk-in rates for you!  

A pure & magical experience

We personally visited 99% of all Home Sweet Homes and tested our drivers and activities to offer you not a 5* but a million star experience! Our hard & heart working team is always happy to give you a hand with planning your travels. When was the last time you fell asleep to the sound of the waves? Experience the magic! 

#travelconscious & leave an impact!

Growing tourism changes destinations all over Indonesia & the world. With your booking local hosts can keep their business running. Become a part of a positive change in the world and #travelconscious. Give back to the locals and support our Karma-Business. Book with!