The Stabbing Ceremony

Have you ever heard of a ceremony where people stab themselves without drawing a single drop of blood?

The Stabbing Ceremony

The Rangda/Barong ritual is an encounter between the great witch Rangda (symbolizing the “bad”) and the mythical Barong beast (embodying the “good”) and its followers, called Patih, armed with the traditional kris daggers. These are people from the community, who are in a trance state and supposedly possessed by spirits.

(Go to minute: 11.30-12.30)

You might think it is pure acting...

…but wait until you see the army of the Barong try to attack the Rangda, being bashed aside as if a force shield is surrounding the witch, without ever touching each other. Not being able to harming the witch the fighters turn their dagger against themselves.

They try to stab themselves with an inhumanly force, some even bending their knives, without drawing a single drop of blood, as if their skin is made from iron. And all of this to restore the cosmic balance.

Want to learn more about Rituals & Black Magic?

With HSH Stay want you to get as close to the local culture as possible. Meet the locals and learn about their rituals and believes! Though, watch out – Those ceremonies are ‘not a joke’ – take it serious and treat the culture with respect. Talk to your Homestay today – they are more than happy to share their culture with you and maybe they can even tell you some Black Magic tales!


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