Where to rent a scooter in Bali

Driving in Bali can be a real adventure. Traffic is crazy and it seems there are no rules. Learn how to survive on Bali's roads.

Where to rent a scooter in Bali

The scooter is the most important transport in Indonesia. This is the way to discover Indonesia in an adventurous way. But Traffic in Indonesia is crazy! Check out these tips how to survive driving and where to rent a scooter in Bali.

Local Scooter Rental in Bali

The easiest way to rent a scooter in Bali is at your accommodation. Most homestays have scooters for rent or will be happy to get one from their friends. But there are also heaps of small scooter rental shops in touristy areas. You will definitely find one while strolling around the main streets. For the prices of a scooter rental in Bali simply scroll down.

Online scooter rental – Bali Bike Rental

Simply order your scooter online and get it delivered directly to your homestay with Bali Bike Rental. It offers a pick-up service and an extensive insurance package and is adapted to the needs of western travellers  But the rental costs are higher than with a local rental service.

Scooter with surf reck

Do you bring your own surfboard? No problem, Surfers can rent a scooter in Bali with Surf Reck in most “surfer areas”. But watch out in the traffic since you are much wider and less flexible with a Surf Reck, especially in traffic jams.

Prices of Scooter Rental in Bali

These are usual rates for local scooter rentals without insurances:

Usual rate around 60.000 IDR – 70.0000 IDR / day

Weekly rates around 300.000 IDR – 400.000 IDR/ week

Monthly rates around 600.000 IDR – 700.000 IDR/ month

What is included?

When you rent a scooter in Bali at a local rental there aren’t any insurances or deposits. But usually, they don’t charge little scratches. But it’s also not expensive to buy repair parts in Bali.Helmets (up to 2 Helmets per bike) are always included. Sometimes you will get the scooter quite empty. There is no rule to fill it up the fuel before dropping the scooter off.

Petrol for your scooter in Bali

Petrol is available in every small village at small shops.You will find the petrol in glass bottles or little pumps. But there are also many petrol stations on the main roads Filling up at petrol stations is usually cheaper than for private sellers.

Better be safe than sorry

Always take your valuables out of the compartment under the scooter seat and lock your scooter with steering-lock. It also makes sense to always attach the helmet to the scooter seat since helmets are getting stolen quite often in Bali.


Emergency Contacts

  • Police 110 (Bali Tourist Police 0361- 224111)
  • Ambulance: 118
  • Fire department: 113

In case of an accident
Little crashes can happen easily on the road. If you have an accident keep calm and drive on the very side of the road. Please take care of potential wounds. Check out what to with open wounds in Bali. If you need to go to a hospital, it’s sometimes better to take a taxi on your own since the ambulance will take forever. Take care!

In case of a broken scooter
You will find mechanics everywhere. In Bahasa they are called ‘Benkel’, so watch out for that sign if you have a problem with your scooter. Some locals may also fix a flat tire for little money. A new tire should cost around 50.000 to 70.000 Rupiah.

What about a private driver in Bali?

In General, renting a driver for longer distances is more convenient. You can sleep in the car and get a rest before having an exciting day. HSH Ride has reliable drivers and offers cheap prices for transfers and full day tours. Get your transportation with HSH Ride today!


Stay safe, Hati Hati!


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