Rainy days in Bali: What to do?

Does rainy season mean troubles in paradise? No! We've got you covered with inspiration to make the best out of rainy days. Chase waterfalls, do some yoga, treat yourself with spa...

Bali is the island of sun, surf and tourists, but what to do if your tropical paradise decides that it’s time for some much needed rain?

Well, that’s a shame, but believe us when we say that a little rain can be quite refreshing. Staying in bed and streaming some TV shows sounds pretty great for a change, but yeah, you will have to come up with a different plan, since the internet connection on Bali generally sucks (excuse the expression!). There are still plenty of things to do when it is raining in Bali – so don’t despair and check our recommendations for activities on rainy days.

What to do during Bali rain?

Don’t worry, there’s enough of activities left when it’s raining! Are you in to yoga? Find your favourite yoga studio in any region and do a nice practice inside.

Fancy something more active? Let’s get wet in the waves! Take a surfing class, you will get wet anyways 😉. Another activity on the water, instead of in, is a sustainable fishing boat tour with Bali Outdoor. Learn all about sustainable fishing and catch your own lunch! Prefer staying inside? There is a beautiful beauty class in Ubud, to learn how to make your own natural beauty products!

Chase Bali Waterfalls

Indonesia has great spots to see untouched nature, especially in Bali you can find many waterfalls and jungle forests all around – you will get wet anyway. Discover the best waterfalls in Bali! 


Spa and massage in Bali: treat yourself

and go to the SPA. There is no better timing than getting a Spa treatment on those rainy grey days, when you feel like you need a jump to get your engine running. Find yourself a cosy Spa and feel like reborn. Our tip: There are plenty of Spa’s out there for every budget. Fact is, that the really cheap Spa can be exceptional too, but this you only know once you have been there. If you want the real Spa experience, double your budget. It will make a difference, not necessarily from the performance, but from the whole experience and atmosphere. You are there to treat yourself, so it is indeed nice to receive one of these delicious ginger teas and get your feet washed in a wonderful rose pedal bowl before the treatment, rather then being immediately directed to one of these small cabins.

things to do in ubud spa

Shopping in Bali, visit one of the big malls!

Everybody does holiday shopping eventually, even if it is only to get souvenirs, so why not get it done on a rainy day? Bali has various closed shopping malls with local as well as international stores. Ask your Homestay which one is the closest to you and let the shopping marathon begin! Here are a few recommended malls around Kuta: Beachwalk Mall, Matahari Mall, Discovery Mall & Bali Mall Galleria. We wrote you a souvenir list, for you might need some inspiration during a shopping session! 

Some outdoor adventures: you’re getting wet anyway

Ok then, bring it on and do one of the various outdoor activities on Bali such as Whitewater Rafting in Karangasem or Ubud or Canyoning in the North of Bali. What’s always fun is to go  to one of the Water Parks in Kuta or Canggu. Discover the child in you! Or are you a hard core surf lover? Great, keep on going. The waves are said to be extra nice after a hard rain. With all of these suggestions you are going to get wet anyways so why not have some fun whilst doing it!

Did it all but The rain just won’t come to an end? Well, this is not often the case but it happens occasionally. So grab some popcorn and try the new Cinema in Lippo Mall or Beach Walk Shopping Centre in Kuta, by the time the movie is finished the sun will be shining again or it is time to say good night and sleep anyways. After all doing nothing makes us tired like nothing else!

Some other great ideas are:

  • Balinese Cooking Classes
  • Jewellery Making Classes
  • Art Classes
  • 3D Trick Art Museum

Don’t let the rain stop you!

You see the choices are endless: So get that funny looking rain poncho or buy an umbrella and don’t let the rain stop you from getting out and enjoying everything single precious moment of your Bali holiday.

Take your first literal rain shower!

Put your bikini or shorts on, grab some shampoo and soap and get out in the pouring rain, having your first literal rain shower. It’s fun! A rain dance that ends with jumping in the pool is not a bad idea either. Think about it: It’s nothing you would do every day!

You have more ideas what to do during the rain season in Bali? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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