Bali Day Tour – You pick the spots!

Enjoy a full day cruising through Bali with HSH Ride Tours!

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No matter where in Bali you want to go and what place you want to visit, with the Bali Day Tour you can pick your favourite spots you want to visit and explore the beautiful island of gods!

Unforgettable Bali Day Tour

Our reliable drivers bring you around, tell you a bit about the culture and show you the beautiful island of Bali during an unforgettable Bali Day Tour. There is many great things to do on Bali. Visit beaches, waterfalls, temples and explore the culture of Bali. Stop on markets, explore the local food and learn more about the fascinating culture of Bali.

Where you want to go in Bali?

We are all different and we all want to see different spots. Simply chose your destinations and we will make it happen.

FAQ’s about your Bali Transfer

Indeed, on the first sight the prices of HSH Ride might seem very expensive. Though this is the regular transport prices in Bali. Like with our accommodation the prices for transportation are also made by the locals.

In general private drivers are invented for the tourists – Locals simply have their scooter / car. They rarely go far anyways. Therefore the locals started with ‘westernized’ prices.

There is a few cheaper but also more time consuming options: Taxis, Drivers, Scooters in Bali: How to get around?

There are several options for getting around in Bali. You can either rent a scooter yourself or you can simply hire a driver bringing you around. We recommend to rent a motorbike in quiet areas to travel around for short distances. In the busy areas as well as long distance trips I highly recommend you to take a driver. We also offer transportation services, you can simply book a HSH Ride with our reliable drivers!

Here are some more details about this topic:

Taxis, Drivers, Scooters in Bali: How to get around?

Scooter Driving in Bali – Survival Tips

Where to rent a scooter in Bali

Why HSH Stay Drivers are the best

Knowledge: Our drivers know Bali like the back of their hand. Book your Bali Airport Transfer and take the fastest routes!

On Time: Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall of the Bali airport. Start your Bali Airport Transfer right now!

Safe: Travel safely and comfortably to your accommodation in Bali! Bali Airport Transfers are safe and reliable.

Verified: All Bali Airport Transfers are verified by the team of HSH Stay. We have selected the best Bali drivers for you.

We are constantly growing and expanding our network of guides and drivers all over the place. If your preferred location/area is not available to book just yet, simply send us a message and let us know – We will reply within the next 24 hours and we will see what we can do for you!

Sure, no problem! Things are quite flexible in Indonesia. Tell us when you arrive and the driver will be waiting for you at the airport.

Please note for late night and early morning pickups our private drivers will charge extra.


When making a HSH Ride request simply let us know if and how many child seats you need.

Sure, you just need to let us know when you make your booking.

Simply let us know if and how many surfboards / pieces of luggage you are bringing.


Just like with accommodations you simply pay a service fee to HSH Ride to secure your spot. The remaining value you pay in cash to your private driver. We want to support the locals and do not charge commission. Travelling with HSH Ride your are doing something good and travel sustainable. Learn more about sustainable travel!

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  1. barbaratobler (verified owner)

    Ich würde die Tour im Nachhinein nicht mehr machen.
    Gut war: Der Fahrer war sehr freundlich und aufgestellt und hat uns pünktlich bei unserer Unterkunft abgeholt. Sein Englisch war auch gut und deswegen konnten wir uns gut über alles mögliche unterhalten und lachen.
    Was mir nicht so gefallen hat: Die Fahrer verdienen an den verschiedenen Orten, wo sich dich absetzen zusätzliches Geld. Das war nicht nur bei dieser Tour so, sondern das ist mir bei den Fahrern generell aufgefallen. Es ist also in ihrem Interesse, dich an Orte zu führen, wo man Geld ausgibt, da ein Teil davon an sie zurückfliesst.
    Das ist ja generell in Ordnung so, doch man kann darauf gehen, dass sie einem nicht in das günstige Restaurant um die Ecke bringen, sondern eher in ein gehobenes Restaurant, da sie dort einen grösseren Profit erwarten können.
    Mit diesem Wissen im Hintergrund fand ich die Fahrt dann zu teuer. Auch das freundliche Lächeln stoppt, sobald man das Fahrzeug am Ende der Fahrt verlassen hat, was mir noch mehr das Gefühl gegeben hat, dass ich nur solange interessant bin, solange irgenwie noch Geld an mir zu verdienen ist.
    Ich möchte dieses Feedback nicht an einen bestimmten Fahrer richten, das war meine generelle Erfahrung, die ich während meiner Zeit in Bali gesammelt habe.

    • Astrella Decembrica

      Hi Barbara,
      Hope you are well. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your feedback. Of course, this is not an experience that we wanted for you when you are booking the tour. We are deeply apologise about this. We have taken the action to inform and to remind all our drivers to never doing this again and we will try our best to ensure the quality of the tour so then the guests who book the tour can enjoy the real authentic local experience.
      Again – thanks a million for your constructive feedback, Barbara. Please do let us know as well if there’s anything else we can help you with 🙂

      Regards, Team

  2. Steffi Koppenhöfer (verified owner)

    We had a combined transfer/day tour with the driver. From Singaraja via Lemukih to Tulamben and next day from Tulamben via Tirta Gangga and Besakih to Ubud. First surprise was, that Buddy arrived with a big car as mentioned in the booking (we are a Family of 4 with big luggage), but unfortunately the whole trunk was occupied by huge Music boxes and other Music/Party Equipment. But, no Problem, the luggage was stored on the Roof, and was safe there even when the roads were really steep or bumby.
    He is a very good Driver, who Always keeps a very calm mood, even when situations are becoming a bit strange or stressy. Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak english, only few words, so after the first misunderstandings concenerning our Spots of the day and the travel route, I wrote it down, with Little drawings and that worked very well. We Always felt very safe with him as the Driver and even when he took the wrong road several times and we ended up somewhere in the mountains of Besakih, it was a great pleasure to spend These 2 days with him and we had lots of fun. The car, all covered with orange leather inside and coloured LED Lights when it’s dark is amazing!!!!

    • Astrella Decembrica

      Hi Stefi,

      Thanks a million for your feedback regarding your booking in 2018. Your feedback means a lot for us! We have been trying our best to improve our service since then. Hope to see you again in Bali! Team

  3. Steffi Koppenhöfer (verified owner)

    We had a combined transfer/day tour with Ketut (owner of Pondok Bali Singaraja homestay). He is a very good Driver, sometimes Little bit hectic, but Always safe. He speaks very good english end explains everything concerning nature, balines cultural life, People etc. It was a great pleasure to have him as a Driver/guide.

    • Astrella Decembrica

      Hi Stefi,

      Thanks a million for your feedback regarding your booking in 2018. Your feedback means a lot for us! We have been trying our best to improve our service since then. Hope to see you again in Bali! Team

  4. Fabian (verified owner)

    We had a lovely day with our driver! He was really helpful and gave us tips for the trip and for our destination where we stayed after our day trip. Would book it again!

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