Most things people forget when packing for Bali

I pack my bags and take with me… Well first of all you will start thinking: What should I bring?, What should I wear?, Am I packing too much?, How much is too much?

Packing list: Things you shouldn't forget coming to Bali

Questions upon questions. While for some people packing is a lot of fun, for others it is just a nightmare packing the wright things and not forgetting anything.

Sure, you can buy almost everything you forgot, but especially in Bali some things are quite expensive or very hard to get. 15+1 problems you will have coming to Bali.

So take it easy and play smart

Bring the essentials from the HSH Stay packing list and safe a lot of time. Also, since everybody is different we’ve also created customised packing list. While the surfer doesn’t want to miss some wax (and the surfboard of course) the family might bring loads of sunscreen since the products here are quite expensive. Prepare yourself well and check the 10 most fun and secret places on Bali already now!


First note to you,

Bali and all over Indonesia has tropical weather where the sun is bright and the humidity level quite high. Bottom line, you are always going to be hot and sweaty – Therefore don’t pack too much, you’ll only need shorts and shirts. Laundry prices here are ridiculously cheap – for less than a dollar you can get your clothes washed. In case you need more there is several outlet stores on Bali. Learn more about places to stay and things to do on Bali.


Document / Cards

Keep a copy of all those documents online!

  • Passport
  • Money for visa on arrival (Learn more about the Indonesian Tourist Visa.)
  • Insurance papers
  • Flight tickets
  • International drivers license
  • Credit card / debit card (most common Visa & Master Card)
  • Emergency numbers of Bali
    • Emergency 112
    • Ambulance 118
    • Police 110
    • Fire fighter 113
    • SAR / Search and Rescue 115

Things to pack (you might forget)

  • Earplugs (It’s always summer here, parties everywhere, people on motorbikes, the need of quietness isn’t so high with the locals. Just in case – be prepared. It’s a bit hard getting them here.)
  • Waterproof Sunscreen (Having a nice tan as a souvenir is really nice, but having a sunburn is the worst nightmare. Bring your sunscreen from home – Of course you can get it here but prices are insane. Also, take some minutes and learn, which sunscreen is the best for you.)
  • Swim suit (Bikinis, swimsuit, board short: you name it. Bring a couple, not just one. You are surrounded by water: The ocean or the pool or some lakes – you will have a chance to swim quite often.)
  • Sunglasses (Don’t let the bright shine blind you – don’t forget your sunglasses. You can get tons of fake Ray Bens here, they have the name but not the protection. And hey, you don’t need any eye make-up when you wear sunnies.)
  • Your own water bottle (20 million plastic water bottles are wasted on Bali every year. It is insane. And their garbage organisation isn’t the best yet.

    15+1 problems you will have coming to Bali. Don’t add water bottles to this – bring your own and help making Bali a cleaner place. A good deed every day!)

  • Camera (Yep, for selfies, sceneries or any other shot you never want to forget. There is so much beautiful stuff around the corner. But: Don’t forget to enjoy the moment.
  • Clothes (Again, don’t pack too much. Pack stuff for a week and simply bring it to the laundry. You are neither in New York City, London or Paris.)
  • Mosquito spray (The mosquito spray is actually also available here on Bali, and it ‘s very cheap. Though, you need to put on a lot to make it efficient. In the end it actually doesn’t matter if you buy it here or bring it from home. Oh, btw: Did you think about making your own?). Learn more about Mosquito’s in Bali.
  • First Aid kit (Band-aids, Betadine, aspirin, pain killer, diarrhea meds and cold meds. You can also find that here in Bali. Did you know that cuts in Bali heal slower than anywhere else?
  • Flip-Flops (Yup, that’s what you will wear all day if you are not barefoot)
  • Tripod (stunning panoramas and skies are worth it)
  • Extra battery for your go-pro (sometimes those things won ́t last too long)
  • Memory card, you are a photographer? Get your photographer packing list!
  • Charger (Camera, phone, laptop) yes, we keep charging it and leave it in the plug
  • Converter (two-pin plug (round), Voltage: 230 V, Frequency: 50 Hz, Power sockets: type C / F)
  • Wet tissue (bacterias are all over)
  • Headphones (music makes emotions, don’t forget to update your Playlist)
  • Sarong (as a blanket in the airplane, a scarf if you are sick or for the hot Bali beach days)
  • Card games (for the social hang outs)


  • Toothpaste + toothbrush Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Shaver
  • Body lotion (your skin needs it after the loads of sun)

There is no need to bring a towel. Most guest houses include fresh towels. When browsing through our beautiful listings watch out for the feature ‘Towels’.


For Him

  • Nice shirt and long pants (For the fancy clubs in Seminyak only, and if you want to take the lady out. Board shorts can also be very charming! Find the best parties in Bali!)
  • Electric shaver (Since Gillette won’t pass Indonesian security)
  • Condoms (Have fun but better be safe. You can buy it here at every other store, but you better be prepared.)

For Her

  • Pretty dress (for the nights out – you can skip the high heels though. Check the best party spots on Bali!)
  • Hat (Block the sun and save a bad hair day)
  • Hair ties (It’s so hot in Bali and you will need it.)
  • Tampons (Only some special supermarket like Papaya, Pepito and Circle K sell tampons, but they are ridiculously expensive.)
  • Conditioner (After all the salt and sun a conditioner will be a blessing for your hair.)

For Families

  • Kids Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Beach Toys
  • Beach Towel
  • After sun cream
  • Special First Aid Kit for Kids

Also check our section about “travelling with kids”


For Surfers

  • Your board (of course…)
  • Rash guards/sun shirts/wetsuit
  • Wax (It’s hot in Bali, pack two!)
  • Extra Fin and Ding kit
  • Surfer First Aid (Why cuts are dangerous in Bali)

Find the best surf spots on Bali!


For Hiking

  • Hiking shoes (Make sure they have a grip, normal sneakers to the job, but if it’s rainy it might get too dangerous)
  • Rain jacket (One of those plastic ones does the job, too!)
  • Small backpack
  • Water bottle

For Spirituals & Yogis

For those of you looking for peace and meditation, Ubud is your place to be. With many yoga centres, you just need to bring:

  • Yoga clothes
  • Yoga mat (if you want, most provide)
  • Warm cloths (it might get chilly in the mountains) Hair ties
  • Towel
  • Steel water bottle

don’t for get your rain jacket

Specially in January and February Indonesia get’s lot of rain. Though it is a big country and rain season is different for every part. For Bali in general you will not avoid rain in January and February. Also Global Warming is no joke and a climate change is happening – That means, it can rain even in dry season. Therefore be prepared and pack a rain jacket. For those wandering around an umbrella might be a good thing to bring. While others want to walk in flip flops while it rains some want to pack water resistant shoes for hiking.

A brief summary:

  • Rain Coat
  • Umbrella
  • Water resistant shoes

Dont't forget!

To bring your smartphone

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