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Behind the scenes: Meet the faces of Home Sweet Home

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Our philosophy is to give something back to the locals and open those beautiful doors to the world! We believe everybody should get a piece of the cake. What started as a dream, is now a global journey of belief, passion, and love. But there is more reasons Why we do what we do! 

We truly believe another booking website is exactly what the world needs! Compared to other platforms, the locals don’t pay any fees and any commission to Home Sweet Home. In the long run we are helping to keep the culture alive! Learn more about Sustainable Travelling with Home Sweet Home. 

A team full of hard & heart work

Crazy, Charming & Creative. As different as we all may be, we have one thing in common: We believe in magic. Brilliant things happen in calm minds. Meet the faces who brought this unique idea alive. Meet the team behind Home Sweet Home.

Nice to meet you, Home Sweet Home!



The heart of Home Sweet Home.



‘The machine’: Tireless juggling skills.



Short Cut Expert!



The magician behind the code.

Sabrina getting ready


LOVES Travel Planning & Guiding!

lisa winter


Content & Rainbow Queen!

Wayan Sukerta


Unique Outdoor Adventure Hunter!

Jana Schroeppel


Treasure Hunter & Treehouse Tester!

HSH Lauch Ceremony Sabrina


Local Guesthouse Campion!

Devi Prasanti


Language Expert & Best Teacher!

Melanie Eckert


Structured & Calm Yogi!

Johannis Hatt


Seed Investor 2017

pasek desy


Canggu Guesthouse Expert!

Ronja Iden


Work. Beach. Eat. Repeat!

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It’s not about us, it’s about them! Meet the locals.

Love & Hospitality made by the locals Priceless moments with not a 5* but a Million Star Experience

Every booking with HSH Stay supports the locals 100%! HSH stands for Home Sweet Home and promotes Sustainable Travelling in Indonesia.

Hand-Picked Magical Places!

When was the last time you slept on a tree or fall asleep to the sound of the waves? We visited 99% of all Home Sweet Homes to offer you not a 5* but a million star experience! Wake up and live in a dream. Find Inspiration full of Love & Hospitality!  

Best prices & Walk in Rates

HSH Stay is not charging commission to the locals. With your booking at HSH Stay you support the locals and help keeping their culture alive. Every booking counts! Learn more Why booking with HSH Stay you do everything 100 % right!  

Do you want to see a rainbow?

Roses are red, violets are blue, the sun is yellow and the sunsets are orange! Our favourite colour is colourful because life is full of colours and it’s always changing. Let’s bring some colour in your life and Follow our Instagram-Rainbow!