Luwak Coffee- Coffee made from Poop?

Learn more about the most expensive coffee in the world - Luwak Coffee - and what the reason for its high price is.

Luwak Coffee – Coffee made from poop?

Yuck, that sounds gross, but that’s how the most expensive coffee in the world – Luwak Coffee – is made! This coffee includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by a civet. That’s why they also call it cat poop coffee or civet coffee. The official name is Kopi luwak. “Kopi” is Indonesian for coffee and “Luwak” for civet cat.

Why is Luwak Coffe so expensive?

The main factor of its high price is the short supply in comparison with the high demand and the uncommon production methods. It is a long process from harvesting the cherries to roasting the coffee beans, which have been digested by the Indonesian cat-like animal. So it takes much longer to produce Luwak Coffee than usual coffee.

How to produce Luwak Coffee?

The Luwak eats the coffee cherries and the cherries go through the digestive tract and fermentation starts. Afterwards, the digested coffee cherries are picked out from poop. These are washed and roasted and in the end, you will have a cup of Luwak Coffee.

How does Luwak Coffe taste?

The wet fermentation produces a special taste of the coffee bean. The coffee is very ‘smooth’ and has a rich flavour. It tastes almost fruity with a little bitterness. But watch out: many products don’t contain 100% pure kopi luwak and especially cheaper products don’t contain anything of the Luwak coffee, such as “Luwak White Coffee”.

Where can you buy Luwak Coffee?

There are many Luwak Coffee tasting farms in Bali where you can try Luwak Coffee together with other different tea and coffee specialities. These plantations also sell this special coffee. But you can buy it in major supermarkets as well, for example at Bintang supermarket. Please check if it’s officially certified by WSPA, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified to make sure you buy good products.

Cruelty to Luwaks – Caged civet cats

The high demand for the cat poop coffee tempts the farmers to catch and keep large numbers of Luwaks in cages to feed them with the coffee beans. Hundreds of the civet cats can be caged together where they also often fight each other. Many farmers don’t really know how to take care of the animals. Therefore, many Luwaks die or get sick.

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