Karma and how you can use it in your life

About good karma, bad karma, how to involve this in your life and how we from Home Sweet Home use it for your Karma Business.

Karma: what people think it is (but it’s not)

You have probably heard it around you ‘something bad happened, that must have been my karma!’ Or ‘I better shouldn’t say/do that.. Karma will get me’ In this way, karma is something to be scared for. You should only do good, because otherwise karma will get you. Is this true? Is this the only way karma works?

With inspiration from Bali, karma plays a role in how we work and what we do. Karma is important to Hindu locals in Bali, but also to the team of Home Sweet Home and our way of operating. Let’s get deeper into the myth of karma and find the truth.

What is karma and how does it work?

Karma can be explained like the law of Action – Reaction. In Hinduism, like in Bali, both mental and physical actions have their results for the life of a certain person, but also for the lives coming next (due to reincarnation). The law of Karman is not about ‘good’ or ‘bad’, a better way to explain it comes without judging: Actions with certain characteristics can affect results with the same characteristics. In religions where reincarnation plays a role, the current results can be caused by actions of this life, or in a previous life. That’s why it makes sense to make new ‘positive’ actions, to influence the effects of previous actions.

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How to get good karma in your life

After reading what karma really is, you might wonder what specifically you could do for good karma in your life. There is the 3 R’s to help you:

What is karma

  • Respect others
  • Respect oneself
  • Responsibility for one’s actions

The special Bali vibe

You may have heard it before, or experienced it yourself. Bali has a special energy, and that’s what many people feel just when they arrive here. What is this about? Well, the name Island of gods isn’t just made up. The main religion in Bali is Hinduism and that’s why the island is known for many temples, offerings, a mentality of giving, ceremonies and offerings, and lots of positive karma actions.

Will I get poisoned? This probably happened to all of us, but what are the consequences: Are you risking bad karma when you accidentally step on to an offering?

Home Sweet Home and Karma

Sara found Home Sweet Home to give the local hosts something back. There is so much love to give, and with Home Sweet Home we get a chance to actually do something that helps many people. The authentic experiences, pure hospitality and priceless moments are there to be savoured and enjoyed, but there is always something in return, for anyone of us. We all come with different wishes, needs, budgets and interests, but with Home Sweet Home we can all offer something back to local communities. Travelling through Bali, these local values inspired Sara to start Home Sweet Home. For the launch of Home Sweet Home, we even had a local ceremony for good luck and positive karma!


Do you want to meet Sara, the founder of Home Sweet Home? Read all about her, her values and believes, and her ideas behind Home Sweet Home in our Interview with Sara.

Where to go to experience karma in real life in Bali?

We all have our love to give and our words to share, but some people are just good karma in person. For example our lovely host Buda, from Buda’s Homestay. It’s a special place for us where we keep on coming back! Our guests are just as amazed as we are, since Buda only receives 5* reviews. Talking about karma…. 😉

You haven’t met Buda from Lemukih yet? Make sure to visit in Lemukih for an unforgettable experience. Put Buda Homestay on your Bali Bucket List! 

Want to meet more super hosts? For the purest positive karma experiences, make sure to check out our local super hosts!

Awareness and love, that’s what we need!

In the end, what truly matters is that we are aware of our actions and their effects on ourselves, our planet and others. With the eyes open, we can see a lot clearer what we do and if we’re doing it the right way.


You get karma points with Home Sweet Home

Booking with Home Sweet Home is good for your karma and that’s why we built a karma business. We think it’s beautiful to learn from other cultures, and karma is definitely something that we take with us from the Balinese. What matters to us is that locals get a fair chance in the online booking jungle. People who don’t have all skills and access for online promotion, but who do have beautiful places and lots of love to give deserve a place on the market. 


That’s why we support the locals 100% by promoting them for free and not asking any commission fee. This is one of the most important reasons why to book with us, read more about the 10 reasons to book with Home Sweet Home. Getting karma points while travelling consciously sounds good, right?

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