How your impact can change tourist destinations

Our Karma-Business is driven by giving back to the locals through
creating equal opportunities and promoting conscious travelling.

Contribution towards the world consciousness is the worlds most conscious travel platform for accommodations, transfers and activities. Our vision is to create equal opportunities for our local hosts while offering a place where people can discover, plan and book a pure experience while creating a positive impact on the destination’s development. It is our mission to promote conscious travelling and change the world – A global journey full of belief, passion, and love.

Equal opportunities for local hosts

Our motto is impact before profit:  We create equal opportunities for local hosts. With we give every business a fair chance to give you the opportunity for a magical experience full of pure love & hospitality.

How we do that:

In a world with a ‘Every man for himself’ mentality we want to make a difference: Our success is to make others successful – We want to give back to the locals to create equal opportunities. Many people simply don’t know how to get their business online.  We proactively help the locals to register their services, support with photos and content if needed – all this we do for free. On top of that, we don’t charge any commission. We believe in giving back – we believe in Karma.

Best Choice Guarantee: Our Team personally visited 99% of all Home Sweet Homes and tested our drivers and activities to offer you not a 5* but a million star experience. Book your Home Sweet Home now!

No Commission for the local hosts & direct booking rates for you.

The prices you see online is 100 % what the locals get. You simply pay your bill right at the spot in cash, directly to the local host – Not everybody has a credit card or even a bank account. charges you a service fee with every confirmed booking. With this fee we make it possible to help many more local hosts and support more people in need.

Your active impact for tourist destinations

Indonesia is a magical place on earth but it’s not a secret – it’s changing. Rice fields disappear, resorts and villas grow – We are not here to judge! Booking with you contribute in keeping the culture alive and support the right ones. You help to keep the local businesses to be alive and grow. You have a choice and can leave an impact: #travelconscious

‘Being aware does not only mean meditating and observing your breath. Being conscious is everything from what you eat, what you say, what you think, what you chose to do – and of course the way you travel.’

All round service &  Karma for you!

Our hard & heart working team is happy to answer all your questions and loves to give you a hand planning your travels. We want you to get Not a 5* but a million star experience. We love giving back and opening the doors to this beautiful country for you. Get your Free travel planner now!

When was the last time you fell asleep to the sound of the waves?

Or in the middle of nowhere, in a treehouse or at the beach? When did you wake up with a sunsrise view? When was the last time you felt alive?

From Budget to luxury – has something for everybody. Experience the magic, #travelconscious & leave an impact! Get some Karma points and book an unforgettable vacation – what comes around goes around.