A weekend at the <3 of Bali: Lemukih

A weekend at the heart of Bali, our super host Buda in the beautiful Nature of Lemukih.

We love finding magic!

Last weekend, Emeline and Julia from the heart and hard working team, got the chance to spend a weekend in Lemukih, at Buda’s Homestay.

Buda is one of the pure examples of what Home Sweet Home is about: pure hospitality, a mentality of giving, and respect for culture, nature and people. This weekend was another amazing experience which opened our eyes to the true beauty that Bali has to offer.

Meet Buda, one of our super hosts

The main religion in Bali is Hinduism. That’s one of the things that makes the ambiance so great on this island; many kind people believing in karma and treating the people around them with respect and love. Buda is one of the examples of how to live this karma-based lifestyle; everything he does is just pure love and kindness! Learn more about Rituals & Beliefs in Bali! The family is living a simple lifestyle when it comes to material and belongings, but they are so rich in the way they share all they have and know. Buda and his wife Widi are very grateful for every guest they welcome at their place, and they treat everyone with so much love. It’s very inspiring to hear Buda explaining the good energy in the Lemukih area, coming from the sacred waterfalls, the holy spring, and the pure nature. He loves to share this and to make you aware of their way of living and thinking, just to get this authentic view in what their life is about. Buda is absolutely an inspiration with his mentality of giving and inspiring us at Home Sweet Home! 


‘Welcome home I am so happy to see you!’

That’s what we call a warm welcome. We arrived at the true treasure that Lemukih is. Those peaceful views, the calm sounds of nature, and the pure people that live there who are so happy to welcome guests and show the beauty of their environment. First we had a delicious mangosteen tea and then it was time to start the Sekumpul and Fiji waterfall & hiking tour! But not before Buda mentioned his gratitude for the moment we just shared

‘This was such a beautiful moment all together’.

Experience pure love & hospitality and nature as it is. Disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself & nature! Book your stay at Buda’s Homestay Lemukih. 

Beautiful waterfalls and rice terraces in Lemukih

Lemukih is an ancient village in the North of Bali, known for the many waterfalls and the holy spring. The water from this spring is used for ceremonies and the place is sacred. Nothing but good vibes obviously! The Sekumpul and Fiji waterfall hiking tour started with a hike and the first few incredible waterfalls. The sounds of the water falling down, the green environment, cold water and heavy stones; it really is incredible to see the beauty of nature just as it is. The tour guides in the village do provide a walking path, and fortunately they even put bins alongside the path, but for the rest, it’s just experiencing nature as it is.

Birds are singing, water is falling, and many many beautiful plants and flowers are growing. From cacao, coconuts, coffee, Luwak coffee everywhere! Banana, to macadamia, papaya, cane sugar and many more.

As we continued and climbed up a bit more, we crossed some altars. Under one, there was a black and white squared cloth hanging. ‘This means balance.’ Buda explained.

‘For everything is black and white, positive and negative, happy and sad. Without negative there can’t be positive and without positive there can’t be negative’.


On our way we crossed some beautiful and breath taking rice terraces, accompanied by the stunning view on the mountains. In between, we had a little tea break at one of Buda’s friends. Fresh Bali herbal tea, a maracuya and some banana chips made us ready to continue. Buda is the only guide who know a way to the very top of the waterfalls and to really savor this moment, he gave us a spot to sit down and just watch, listen and enjoy.

‘Don’t be scared Julia. You are on top of the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. Only you. Enjoy it!’.


Lunch with an incredible view of the Lemukih rice terraces

On top of the mountain, we had a lunch break at Buda’s uncle Ketut. Nasi goreng and coconuts with a view! After this, we went to the water slide. A flat kind of waterfall, which works really well as a natural slide. Time to play around!


Back at Buda’s Homestay it was time to get some refreshment and to relax after a wonderful day. In the evening we had dinner together with the other guests, and we went to bed feeling very satisfied and impressed by everything we’ve just seen.

Wake up to the sounds of birds and crickets

The next morning the hens, birds and crickets were our natural alarm. And once again, the view that we woke up to was incredible! Buda shared his meditation practice and afterwards, to open our eyes to the rising sun, was another real pinch-me-moment.


After a local breakfast (pisang goreng, the famous mangosteen tea, fresh papaya, and ondeh ondeh) it was time to leave. An incredible experience and the prove of pure hospitality as foundation of the most heart-warming stays is something we take with us after this weekend. Before we got in the car (do you need a transport in Bali?), we even got a present!

‘I am sorry I am not good at wrapping presents but I do it with love’.


Bali kopi and mangosteen tea for the next months! If you’re planning to go to the North to visit the waterfalls and mountains, make sure to visit Lemukih for an authentic experience which warms your heart!

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How we have found Buda Homestay

We have visited 99% of the places on Home Sweet Home. We love to explore, to meet locals and to find some beautiful hidden treasures. With this -as we call it- treasure hunt, we get to meet lovely local hosts who have the most amazing accommodations, which are just not really discovered yet. One of them, was Buda’s Homestay in Lemukih. There is this German Facebook group called Indojunkie (which grew into a blog eventually), where someone posted stunning pictures and a wonderful story of his trip to Lemukih, at Buda’s Homestay. Sara – the founder of Home Sweet Home – was inspired immediately and decided to visit this place. The visit turned out amazing, and after meeting Buda and the Lemukih community, Home Sweet Home was actually able to change a lot for the daily lives of the people living there.

Eventually they created tours, more homestays are opened, and the lovely people from Lemukih get the chance to build a rewarding local business (curious what else to do in Lemukih?) For us, this is not only the prove that our concept works, it’s also a real example of building a karma business. There is so much love and gratefulness in return from the community, that’s what it’s all about!

Get to know us better! Every booking counts: Booking with Home Sweet Home supports the locals 100%! Read 10 reasons why to book with us.

Are you planning to go to Lemukih? Let us know any question you have in the comments below!

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