Hard selling & less friendly Locals?

It is almost 100% sure that the locals will randomly start talking to you. Sometimes it's nice - sometimes they just want to sell you something.

Sometimes soft selling isn’t their thing.

They found their own charming way in trying to sell their services and products to the tourists. ‘Transport, transport?’, ‘Massage, massage?’ and ‘Cheap, cheap. Look!’ will probably still hunt you down in your dreams. They say it so many times, as if you didn’t hear them. Well… don’t get aggressive. Remember that these people are just trying to feed their families and keep polite and give a reaction that shows, that you are interested or most of the times: NOT.

woman selling fruits on market bali

Avoiding hard selling & less friendly locals means avoiding crowded and very touristy places. Ask your tour guide for authentic experiences and spots.


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When you are trapped

Close your eyes, smile, and breathe – They don’t know better! If you are really not interested, don’t let yourself get involved in a conversation, giving the seller hope.

Visiting markets and souvenir shopping

When shopping and visiting markets, it’s important to bargain. Prices are never the ‘real’ price and it’s a MUST to bargain. 5 Tips how to bargain the right way in Bali.

Turn the tables: Are the locals annoyed by us tourists?

It’s more funny to see many tourists walking around with a Bintang singlet and a rice field worker hat. The bottle opener in penis shape is also nothing special anymore. Though some of the tourists don’t respect the culture with taking obscene pictures in temples and riding a bicycle in a bikini. Well, we are not here to judge – We just would like to remind everyone to respect each other.

disrespectful tourists on motorbike in Bali

We are all tourists of this world

Don’t forget the Love & Hospitality: In Bali you come as guests, but you leave as friends and sometimes even as family. ‘Selamat Datang’ means ‘Welcome’ and you will read and hear it all over. Wander around, say Hi to the people and enjoy nice talks and learn more about the culture. And most important: Feel like home with the beautiful smiles – full of Love & Hospitality.  Meet the locals!

local family show you things to do in Amed


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