Everything was better in the old days.

We tend to complain. But we forget something essential!

We tend to complain

Let’s have a look at a small village: Everything stays the same for years and years. People have the same jobs, live in the same house and have the same routine over and over. Not to judge if this is happiness or not, but some people would say this is not fulfilling. Meaning no changes = everything is boring!

Same same but different

On the other hand, in moving spots like vacation destinations and vibrant cities this is the complete opposite. Let’s take Bali as an example: Many people come here every year for ages, they have all been saying the same: “Bali is changing so much!” “They are building so many new things.” “so many new stores, restaurants, hotels and resorts everywhere” “In the old days everything was better. – It’s so sad.” Indeed, it might feel sad on the first stage.

But we forget something:

We are the reason of this change. Somehow this doesn’t work. Complaining about the boringness and on the other hand complaining about the change? People tempt to complain a lot if the day is too long. Though this a different issue – this is not the point.


Is there a way out?

The solution is of course not to leave and never come back. Globalization is a good thing. We have to look into the problem a bit closer. The Balinese people do not build all those resorts for themselves. They build them for us. We go there, we sleep there, we relax in high-class pools for a decent prices. And the good thing is: It is okay. Most of the time there is nothing bad about it!

If you ask the Balinese people, sure, they also reminisce and think about the old days, but the majority loves the reality and their businesses. They are making a shitload of money and the economy is growing. This is not always right – the Benoa project is a sad example, but don’t you think people will come and stay in the hotel? And why the hell they built all those ghost hotels at dreamland beach is another story. In general, Balinese love tourism, just like Germans love cars, French their baguette and Chinese their fake products!

But but but.

We need to understand we can create change. Of course we cannot stop or change time. Time changes everything. But we can create the values – we can make the change a good change. The future is not how it is, the future is how we make it. This is where HSH sets in: The online booking platform wants to support the local businesses and give them a fair chance on the market. Next to all those hotel and villa


platforms, it was about time to create something for the Homestays. Complaining is not a bad thing, very often we have a reason to complain. There are some major things going wrong in Bali: Pollution, education, corruption, poverty, the list is never-ending. But when we complain, we tempt to judge people – and this is the bad thing! It`s less stupidity, more lack of education why people here sometimes do what they do. Have you ever asked a 6 year old Indonesian from the village what the difference between a banana peel and a plastic bottle is?

We should not forget it is still a second world country – not everybody has the chance to grow up in a modern society where education is a free good. It is a privilege and people are challenged – no matter where they are from. Instead of judging we could help them instead, right? Awareness is the key to change!

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