Camping under the stars with The Getaway Camp Bali

Some childhood dreams stay with us for our whole lives. Our colleague, Julia had the chance to experience an amazing 2D/1N camping trip with The Getaway Camp Bali in North Bali's magical mountain area. Now she's more than happy to share the experience with you!

One of a kind experience with The Getaway Camp Bali

The Getaway Camp Bali is an amazing 2 days / 1 night camping trip through North Bali’s untouched mountain area. Your childhood dream to sleep under the stars in North Bali’s magical mountain area, to have a lovely evening around the campfire and to wake up to the sound of singing birds, can easily become true with The Getaway Camp! This is why we are very happy and proud to list this amazing adventure on our website. To do so, we had the chance to experience the trip ourselves. Nalom, the lovely host on this amazing trip back to nature also accompanied us throughout the stay. How lucky we were! So, be ready: this is everything you can expect from The Getaway Camp Bali!

Our journey begins: the start of 2 unforgettable days!

The trip started in Ubud, with a 2 hour ride to get on top of the mountain. This was the perfect time to get to know the group and to enjoy the view on some nice local villages on the way. Time for breakfast on top of the mountain! We enjoyed a very good local breakfast with a beautiful lake view, while Nalom explained us how he found this place. He promised the owners to bring new guests some day, and that’s what he does at the moment! After breakfast, we drove to the waterfall to cool down and take a good natural shower. If you’ve seen some waterfalls in Bali already, you may have noticed that they can be very busy and touristic. This waterfall turned out to be very quiet, but very impressive! A refreshing dive and shower, with enough space to swim and have fun. That’s exactly how we like it!

Bali is known for its amazing waterfalls! Grab your swimsuits and your hiking shoes and discover our list of the best waterfalls in Bali!

Camping preparations! Time to relax and enjoy the view


Once we get tired with the waterfalls (totally kidding! we’ll never get tired of it!), we enjoyed some delicious lunch with a breathtaking twin-lake view. After our belly is full and happy, now it’s time to drive to the camp and get ready for the real camping experience. The camping spot is a beautiful national park along a beautiful lake with a 1000 years old temple. Do we need to say more? A very special atmosphere for some ultimate relaxation and time in nature. The afternoon is for setting up the camping spot, the tents, hammocks, lazy bags and some relaxing. We went to set-up a nice chill-area where we played card games, listened to music and just relaxed for a few hours with a cup of the legendary Balinese coffee.

Did you know that North Bali is the largest producer of coffee in Bali you can have a little coffee plantation tour here? Find out more about this topic on our Facebook community, made by love for fellow travellers like you. Join us in Facebook and shoot us your questions!

Bushcraft, campfires and falling stars…

At the end of the afternoon, it’s time to prepare the campfire. We all went around to find wood for the camp fire, and the camp was set for the evening. Nalom finds it very important to involve the locals in his work. That’s why the chief of the local community and his wife offer a delicious local dinner. After that, it was time for camp fire, falling stars, guitar music and interesting conversations around the campfire! It’s this thing with campfires that makes an evening special, cozy and ready for endless conversations. After counting tons of falling stars, it was time to fall asleep in the most serene and quiet area that we have ever experienced.

Wake up to the sounds of nature and the mystic morning view

The crickets and singing birds are happy to be the alarm for the day, and that’s not too bad because the mystic morning view is beautiful! Waking up between the clouds, where the chief serves a Balinese coffee is a very happy start of the day. The breakfast -served on a motor bike- was very good and kept us going for a jungle hike! A local guide explained everything about various plants, trees, and fruits. It’s just amazing to stand still for a second to listen to the many beautiful sounds of nature! The tour ends at the other side of the lake where we jumped in the canoe, to make our way back to the camping spot. After that, the chief and his wife welcomed us for another delicious local lunch, where the trip sadly came to an end. We drove back to Ubud satisfied by nature’s beauty and the amazing experiences!

“Come as a guest, stay as a friend, leave as a family”


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