Best Things to do in Nusa Penida

Travel back in time and explore Bali's Secret Island Nusa Penida.

Best Things to do in Nusa Penida

Curious how Bali used to be in the old days? Do you think everything was better before? Well, guess what: You don’t have to spend years over years trying overcome physic laws to invent a time travel machine. Your genuine Bali experience lies just at Bali’s doorstep, about 45 min off Bali’s southeast coast with uncountable coconut trees all over the island and up to this point very little tourism. Enjoy the peace Nusa Penida! 

Check out these amazing things to do in Nusa Penida

Broken Beach

Myths say that this land was once home to a small village, which due to a dispute between villagers was swallowed by the earth, leaving this huge hole in the cliff. Same as “Broken Beach” the way to get there is also quite broken. It’s save to say that there are more holes than there is street, but it surely makes the trip more adventurous.Views are amazing and if you’re lucky you’ll spot a huge manta in the deep blue water from the cliff.


Angel’s Billabong

Just a short walk from Broken Beach is “Angel’s Billabong” a stunning natural infinity pool with water that seems to sparkle in every imaginable shade of blue and green. Enjoy the breathtaking view but make sure to watch your step and respect the environment. The reef can be very sharp! Check out what to do with open wounds!


Crystal & Gamat Bay

A short drive from your accommodation on curvy roads framed with palm trees, passing traditional villages will lead you to either one of these calm beaches with crystal blue water and great snorkelling spots. Be strong and don’t let yourself down when you spot the small wild piglets that like to stay just a bit off the beaches. Too much cuteness to handle! What about spending a night close to the beach?


Dive with Mantas

Best diving Spots on Bali: Diving and Snorkelling is definitely one of the things to do in Nusa Penida. Be prepared to dive with majestic Mantas, big weird-looking Mola Mola’s and see beautiful reefs. If you are not into diving, ask one of the locals at Crystal Bay to take you on a private boat tour around the coasts of Penida to spot Mantas and to discover less scary snorkelling spots with colourful fishes and reefs. Make sure to ask for a good boat price, for 3-4 hours the price will be around 400.000 IDR. Ask the locals on site to help you out. Check out how to bargain the right way.



Kelingking Beach

Grab a scooter and drive along the coastal streets! Views over azure waters, white sandy beaches buffed by jungly mountains will not get any better. Take the route up to Kelingking Secret Point and grasp views of mother nature at its best. If you are in good condition you can walk down the adventurous path to Kelingking Beach. Enjoy an incredible white dream beach without any people.


 Instagram spot! Kelingking Beach is a famous spot for Instagram pictures. Get your camera ready and take a shot. Tag your best shot with and follow the rainbow of Home Sweet Home! 

Cave Temple

Same as in Bali you will come across many Hindu Temples in Nusa Penida. You might think that you have visited enough Hindu temples for a life time during your travels through Bali, but here is a rather special one: Goa Giri Putri is a very unique temple situated in a deep cave. Getting there includes climbing some stairs and crawling through a rather narrow hole, but once you made it you’ll end up in a magical placeHave you ever heard of the stabbing ceremony?

nusa-penida-Things to do in Bali: Explore Goa Giri Putri Cave Temple

Cliff Waterfall

Nusa Penida has a couple of waterfalls to explore. Yet, there is another quite unusual sight that makes it different from the waterfalls you might have seen before: Peguyangan Waterfall runs directly down the cliff, filters into a pool (in which you can take a dip!) and into the Indonesian Ocean. Basically, you get 3 in one: A waterfall, a pool and view over the cliffs and ocean. Need more? Check 10 amazing things to do in Bali.


Nusa Penida – The spiritual Island

Myths say that since Bali got too crowded, many of the spiritual creatures found themselves a new home on Penida. Same as on Bali, the small population of five thousand inhabitants, follows the Balinese Hinduism. Many Balinese Hindus travel themselves to Nusa Penida for ceremonies and religious purposes. Do you dig these stories about spirits and ghosts? Find out more!

bali-ceremony-prayingTreehouse in Nusa Penida – Get a thrilling experience

This place is simply magical. Adventurer, Lone Wolves, Nature Lovers and Camping enthusiasts will find a thrill at Rumah Pohon Treehouse. Waking up with the birds in the morning, watching a stunning sunrise you will enjoy a breath taking view of Mount Agung. Located in the middle of nowhere you are surrounded by palm trees and jungle. So cuddle up on the comfy mattress, enjoy a fresh breeze in your treehouse and watch the stars at Rumah Pohon Treehouse.


‘This is a never-ending list! What are your favourite things to do in Nusa Penida? Let us know about your best spots in Nusa Penida in the comments below!’


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