Best things to do in Flores

Swim in a stunning Pink Beach, sail across Flores hidden islands, join the komodo rangers in Komodo National Park, live like a local in traditional huts in Ende, Bejawa, Ruteng and Maumere - honestly, it's a never ending list of what to do in Flores Island. Live your wildest dream and cross off your bucket list with Home Sweet Home!

Welcome to the home of Komodo dragons & find out things to do in Flores

A hidden paradise in the east of Nusa Tenggara called Flores Island is waiting for you. Besides its popularity as the natural habit of the famous komodo dragons, the island has lots to offer for you. From unforgettable adventures, breathtaking views, and amazing activities next to pure Indonesian hospitality from our lovely Home Sweet Home hosts. A magical sanctuary for all nature lovers, culture freaks, surfers, beach addicts and families, let’s explore this treasure called Flores! By the way, did you know that the name Flores derives from Portuguese word meaning “flower”? 

Start off your adventure from the heart of Flores called Labuan Bajo



“From where should i begin?” Good question! The best way to go to Flores is by booking a flight from I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport in Bali to Komodo Airport which located near the city of Labuan Bajo. You can choose various airlines like Nam Air, Garuda Indonesia, or Wings Air. Snorkling, diving, live on board sailing trip and other day tours are easy to arrange here since this is the main tourist area on the island. This is why Labuan Bajo is undoubtedly a perfect starting point for your Flores trips. Best known as the fisherman village, it is also a mandatory to go to the fish market along the bay and enjoy some grilled seafoods with spicy local sauce! Just fyi, the price of the seafood is here is really cheap compared to other places in Indonesia. Sounds amazing right?

Do you know already where you will stay? We have amazing places for you! Check out our most favourite places to stay in Labuan Bajo: Gardena Hotel with their scenic ocean view and Pesona Seafood Restaurant & Room with their amazing view of Labuan Bajo’s harbour!

Explore the Flores underwater world: let’s go snorkling in the hidden islands!

While you’re enjoying the beautiful bay town of Labuan Bajo, you should not forget your main mission there – arranging boat trips to the nearest islands. Basically, you can find boat tour operator in every corner of the streets of Labuan Bajo. Kanawa Island, Taka Makasar Island, Bidadari Island, Kelor Island and Seraya Island are the most favourites. On the islands you can enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches, stunning corals and tropical rainbow fishes! If you’re lucky enough, you can meet the Manta Rays as well. Just enjoy some tropical boat trips, the beautiful underwater world and private beaches during your day tour. You can either bring your own snorkel, or borrow one with the tour operator. Snorkel paradises are waiting you!

Want to stay the night in Seraya Island? Live your wildest dream and stay in a secluded accommodation far far away from the busyness of life. Check out the treasure called Seraya Sunset Beach!

Meet the largest living lizards in the world: Komodo dragons

You haven’t been to Flores if you haven’t meet the Komodo dragons! There are two places in Flores where you can meet these amazing creatures in their natural habitats: Komodo Island and Rinca Island, both islands are part of the Komodo National Park. A little bit of tip for you, the chances of encountering the mighty dragons on Rinca Island are more promising than the Komodo Island itself. When visiting the national park, you will need to pay the entrance fee of IDR 150,000 equals USD 10 per person which valid for 3 days. There will be also additional charge if you bring professional camera. Typically when you book through a travel operator in Labuan Bajo these fees are already included, but if not you can pay it upon arrival at the parks offices inside the Komodo or Rinca Island.

Starting January 2020, the government of Indonesia will temporarily close the Komodo Island due to conservation purpose and to increase the population of the Komodo dragons. It will be re-open again in January 2021. 

Be adventurous and book yourself a live on boat during your trip to the Komodo Islands! Find out more about this on our Facebook community, made by love for fellow travellers like you. Join us in Facebook and shoot us your questions!

Be amazed and take bunch of priceless pictures by the magical Pink Beach in Flores

After getting soaked under the sun from walking around the island to see Komodo, make a little stop to the famous Pink Beach. Yes, you read it right, this stunning beach is called Pink Beach because the sands are literally in pink colour! Amazing, isn’t it? This happens because of the microscopic tiny creatures called foraminifera that are spread on the coral reefs here. This, combined with the white sands, create the magical pink coloured beach that’s worth to be called paradise! You can also go snorkling in Pink Beach and witness a wide variety of corals and tropical fishes. Beaches are awesome but a Pink Beach is even better!

Reach to the top of Padar Island and be prepared to be speechless

Don’t leave out your hiking shoes because this will be really useful for your hiking trip in Padar Island. All you have to do is go all the way up to the top for about 10-15 minutes and voilà, your eyes will be spoiled with a majestic panoramic view of the combination of green hills, turquoise-coloured bays and white sands beach. This picturesque view can be the highlight of your trip to Flores!

Time to relax in Maumere and visit a local traditional market

As one of the biggest cities in Flores, Maumere is definitely worth to put on your list. In contrast to Labuan Bajo, there hasn’t been much tourist here yet, that’s why Maumere is very laid back and here you can feel the authentic eastern Indonesia city vibes. If you haven’t got chance to visit the village of Sikka, center of the legendary Flores hand woven fabric located 30km from Maumere, you can opt to go visit the traditional Alok Market. Find ranging Tenun Ikat made directly from Sikka Village and get yourself some amazing souvenirs from the Flores here.

Explore the beautiful beachside of Maumere

The eastern part of Maumere offers some beautiful beaches where you can dive, snorkel and relax. Zone out, explore one beach after the other and experience peaceful nature and calm vibes! While there are many out there that are still unexplored, the most famous beaches in the area are Waierterang Beach and Koka Beach. Waierterang Beach are renowned among divers, that’s why you can easily find certified PADI diving courses here. Meanwhile, a little bit further you can find the amazing Koka Beach where you can just chill and order a fresh lunch with the local fishermen. There’s only one thing you should do in this beautiful coastal paradise: enjoy the views and cherish those beautiful moments on a stunning quiet beach!

Need a good night sleep in Maumere? Check out our favourite Pantai Paris Homestay and meet our most lovely host Ibu Susi! At her place, Ibu Susi offers jobs and teaching possibilities for people with disabilities and runs an NGO for waste recycling. With your stay here, you support all of Ibu Susi’s activities and projects as well as the local community of Maumere. Give someting back to the local community and book your stay in Pantai Paris Homestay!

Get lost in the spiderweb rice field in Ruteng

Ruteng is mainly known for the beautiful nature: impressive rice field views and volcanoes included! Do you know that the rice fields in Ruteng are made in a spiderweb shape, after a Manggarai tradition? Why is it shaped as spiderweb? Well, the lands are owned by the villagers according to their status in the village and the number of their family members. The higher the status and the larger the family means the larger the portion of the fields would be given to them. So it only makes sense that they made the shape like a spiderweb. The spiderweb rice fields are not the only must-see, while here make sure to pay visit to the traditional Manggaraian “Compang”, a village center with the typical eastern Indonesia stone altar. Meet the locals and see how they live in their traditional habitat. A beautiful and mind-opening experience!

Live with a local family in a traditional hut in the rural area of Ruteng



Stay with the locals in traditional houses! It is an absolute unique experience. The people living in the village have not changed their lifestyle from the past. You will sleep in their traditional houses, cook and eat together with the village people and learn a lot about their culture. Stay in Ruteng Village and enjoy the real Flores hospitality!

Feel the raw and untouched charms of the beautiful Ende

It might not as quite popular as the other cities in Flores, but Ende surprisingly offers many options to do for travellers. From historical sites to gorgeous natural attractions, you can find it in Ende. For Indonesians, this city has a particularly strong connection to Indonesian national history. Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno was being exile here by the Dutch colonial governmentIf you’re a history nerd, make sure to visit Rumah Pengasingan Bung Karno Museum and learn more about the history of Indonesia’s independency. In the mood for some seafoods? Go wandering around the fish market in Ende and see the activity of local fishermen – feel the Indonesian small city life vibes. For those nature lovers, go explore the secret Blue Stone Beach, where you can find a beach covered in stunning blue stones. Truly one of a kind experience!

Kelimutu National Park, the place to be for nature lovers!


Discover nature’s finest in Kelimutu National Park. Wake up early and watch the sunrise above the 3 crater lakes that have changing colors! The colors change once every few years, due to the composition of the minerals. Definitely worth a visit to start the day right, overlooking some pure natural beauty. A nice village close by is Moni, a small and quiet village where you can rewind and relax after exploring!

Need ideas on where to stay the night in Moni? Stay in bamboo bungalows and meet our lovely host, Ibu Rose. Feel the warm Indonesian hospitality and stay in Pondok Arwanty Homestay!

Visit the highland town of Bajawa and stay the night in Bena Village

The most unexplored and less touristic area of the island is Bajawa. The area is made for trekking, either by motorbike or a hike. While it’s still quiet and unexplored, there is plenty to do! Climb your way to the top of the Mount Inerie, hike along the crater lakes or relax in the hot springs! Meet the traditional tribes in the villages around Bajawa, where you learn about the male and female totems and travel back in time! One of the most famous villages here is Bena Village. Wooden houses, women weaving fabrics on the street, and all day long live traditional music in any random street – you will feel like you are traveling back in time here. This area is your spot for some pure culture and true experiences! 

Go for the real local experience and stay with Ibu Emy and her family! Where else you can stay in a traditional hut just like in a fantasy book? Get the unique chance to live in the house of a traditional family of Bena Village with Ibu Emy Homestay!

A lot of smiles, coconuts and big hearts in Flores

As you might already know, most of the places listed with Home Sweet Home have been visited  by ourselves to offer you not a 5* but a million star experience. In Flores, it is our team Sara and Sabrina who were so lucky to be on journey finding magical places for Home Sweet Home all over the island. ‘Treasure Hunting’ is our motto – we want to bring all cultures together and open the beautiful doors to the world! Read Sabrina’s beautiful story about how she found magical places, got lost in the middle of nowhere, and accidentally signed up a brothel. Also, meet the heart of Home Sweet Home – Sara and learn everything about the journey full of hard and heart work!

You have any questions, ideas & tips about the Flores Island? Simply ask us in the comments!


  1. Annie Langevin

    Wow so much useful info in this article!
    If we want to stay more than one night on Seraya Island, can we cook in the bungalow? Is there a small restaurant on the island?


    1. Astrella Decembrica

      HI Annie,

      Hello from Bali. I hope you are having a great day so far. My name is Astrella and it’s my pleasure helping you out today.
      First of all, thanks so much for your interest in and supporting the locals – your booking means the world to the locals and us!
      Unfortunately, it is not possible to cook in the bungalow as they do not have equipment for that. You can simply go the restaurant and enjoy the amazing food there.
      However please note, that at the moment Seraya Sunset Beach Resort is closed down due to renovation until further notice.
      Thanks so much,
      Have a lovely day, Team

  2. Rita

    Hello! Great article!
    What is the best way to move around in Flores island?
    How can I get from Labuan Bajo to Maumere?

    Thank you!

    1. Astrella Decembrica

      Hi Rita,

      Hope you are well! My name is Astrella and it’s my pleasure answering your questions.
      First of all, thank you so much for your kind words! We really appreciate it 🙂
      The best way to get around in Flores would be by hiring a private car with a driver. However, if you don’t have tight schedule you can also opt for public transportation such as public bus which connects (mostly) city to city in Flores. Motorbike rental is also an option if you want to explore the inner city area.
      From Labuan Bajo to Maumere, besides private car and public bus, you can also take an airplane. There is one local airline company named Wings Air who operates daily 🙂
      Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any further questions, it’d be my pleasure.


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