Best Things to Do & Priceless Moments in Lemukih

Visit Sekumpul & Fiji Waterfall, swing in the rice fields and have fun on a natural water slide!

Visit the real Bali – Visit Lemukih

You probably haven’t heard of Lemukih yet. It’s an ancient village located in North Bali close to Singaraja. Famous Sekumpul Waterfall and Fiji Waterfall are around the corner – But that’s by far not all: Stand on top of the waterfall, have fun in a natural water slide and explore the untouched nature and wander around the amazing rice fields of Lemukih. There is plenty of things to do in Lemukih. Simply forget time, live in nature and feel alive! At Lemukih you have a 100% happiness guarantee! Let’s find the best things to do in Lemukih!

1. Visit breathtaking Sekumpul Waterfalls & Fiji Waterfalls


Do you want to see more waterfalls in Bali? Bali has amazing waterfalls to visit. Jump from the cliffs, swim in the water or simply take a shower! What are you waiting for? Find Best Waterfalls in Bali! 

2. Stand on Top of Sekumpul Waterfall

Most people visit the Sekumpul Waterfall and they see it from the far and from the bottom. But what about standing on top of Sekumpul Waterfall? This thrilling thing to do is possible in Lemukih. Start your hike from Warung Fiji and make your way to the natural infinity pool. From there you can enjoy limitless view of the nature and see the water falling down into the deep valley!

Do you need a tour guide? Take a bath in the waterfall, walk through amazing rice fields & experience pure nature in Lemukih. Book your priceless moments with Buda today! 

3. Sit on the cliffs of Fiji Waterfall

Visiting Fiji Waterfall from the top is an amazing thing to do in Lemukih. Sitting on the cliffs, listening to the power of nature and witnessing this spectacular view shouldn’t miss on your bucket list! To come to this spot, start hiking from Fiji Warung down towards Fiji Waterfall.

4. Swim in a natural infinity pool on top of Sekumpul Waterfall

Infinity pools are nice – no doubt. But what about swimming in a natural infinity pool located on top of a waterfall? This magical thing to do is possible in Lemukih on top of Sekumpul Waterfall. To get here, you start hiking from Warung Fiji and dive into the natural infinity pool!

5. Hike through untouched nature and rice fields

Untouched nature, panoramic views and only the sound of the nature. This is waiting for you when exploring Lemukih. The valleys are full of rice fields, palm trees and the sound of freedom. Make your way through the untouched nature, have a coconut and simply enjoy. You wont believe what you see – Promise!

6. And enjoy picutre panoramic views

While wandering through nature, don’t forget to stop and simply enjoy the moment. When you are lucky, you will see the ocean of Singaraja, which is only a few kilometres further.

Take a guide to enjoy the purest of Lemukih: Buda is an amazing tour guide who goes beyond hospitality. He loves to introduce his guests to his culture and to show them the traditional Balinese way of life. Check out the best guided hiking tour in Lemukih! 

7. Swing & feel free above rice fields

Swinging is the new Bali thing. Of course there is also a wonderful swing waiting for you in Lemukih. Right at Warung Fiji you have the chance to swing above the fascinating rice fields of Lemukih!

8. Slide in a a natural waterslide & feel like a child

Nature has so much to offer in Lemukih. Wake up your inner child and have some fun at the natural slide in the nature of Lemukih.

9. Visit stunning temples in Lemukih & learn more about the culture


Lemukih has more to offer than nature: Visit Lemukih’s village temple called Bale Agung Temple and Dalem Temple. Also, you might want to check out Jagaraga Dalem Temple. Learn more about the culture and why people to what they do!

10. Take a break, breath and enjoy a coconut

Warung Fiji is not only a great starting and finishing point of your adventures in Lemukih! Warung Fiji also has some great dishes for you you shouldn’t miss. Have a Nasi Goreng, a coconut or some fried bananas! Enjoy the view and take it easy!

What else than Nasi Goreng have you tried yet? Bali offers a hundred things to do to cross off your bucket list – The Bali Food shouldn’t miss on your list. Explore Bali Food: Eat like a local! 

11. Meet the heart of Lemukih: Meet Buda from Buda’s Homestay!


Staying at Buda’s Homestay is Not a 5* but a million star experience. Buda will show you his neighbourhood of Lemukih. He is an extraordinary person that has dedicated his life to the village and to achieve happiness. He loves to introduce his guests to his culture and to show them the traditional Balinese way of life. He does not have fixed room rates. He gives interested people shelter and lets them decide how much they would like to donate after their stay, “because here I have nothing but the intention of happy our guests as much as I can” he says! Let’s go to Buda’s Homestay in Lemukih! 

Behind the scenes: Some words from Wayan & Sara from HSH Stay

‘Buda is one of the nicest & sweetest people we have ever met. He is caring about everything: Nature, humans & gods. With his way of being he gives us a lot inspiration for HSH Stay – It’s always a pleasure visiting you and we are very grateful fellow travellers have found this beautiful treasure. Thank you Buda.’ 

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