Bargaining tips for Bali

There are also a lot of ways to get what you want in Bali and bargaining will help you. Learn how to haggle in Bali.

Bargaining tips for Bali

All roads lead to Rome. There are also a lot of ways to get what you want in Bali. Though, always remember to respect the locals. You both want something. Please do not act as if you were playing with them while bargaining.

Smile and laugh

First of all, it is all about happiness. Once they are interested in you they also start asking you questions. Build a relationship with them, learn something about the culture and in the end ask one more time for a cheaper price – with a killer smile!

bargaining in bali smile and laugh

Know the Maths

As a white person you will always get tourist prices. But it’s possible to get up to 50% less from the price through haggling – depending on where you are. Also, if you buy more than one item they are willing to give you a higher discount. For them it ́s less the items they sell but more the money they can make at once.

Play the “I live in Bali” Card

Tell them you have been on Bali for quite a while and you know the prices. Balinese have a special way to call other people Bli (b-lee) for Sir or a guy and Mbok (mm-bok) or Ibu (ee-boo) for the lady. Simply say “Saya tinggal di Bali lohBli” (i live in bali Sir)! They will feel close to you and be happy to reduce the price.

Speak the Language

Learn a little bahasa, use sentences like “Ini Bagus, berapa harganya?” (This is good, how much is it?) “Tolong dikasih harga murah” (Please give me a cheap price). They will give the sellers a smile and make them appreciate your willingness to learn their language. Especially in the last minutes of bargaining this helps.

The “Walking-away” trick

Even the locals use that trick themselves. If things get hard, try that way. Say sorry, you said your last price and simply walk away. Usually the seller will follow you and give you the price. If not – in most cases your requested price is too low – or the seller is just too lazy.

Maybe bargaining is just not your thing…

If bargaining is not your forte, visit KRISNA, it is a big souvenir and gift shop located on Sunset Road. They are having a 24-hour branch just 10 minutes from the airport. The prices in this store are fixed, sometimes a lot cheaper than at a local market, and has something for everybody. Especially for last minute shopping this is a nice pick

bargaining tip for bali buddha

Bargaining tips for your accommodation

Especially if you stay longer in Indonesia you can get some great accommodation deals. The local Homestays which Home Sweet Home is offering are also available on a monthly and weekly base and you can get some great discounts. No tricks required – Simply talk to us!

Do you want to learn the Indonesian Language?

Bahasa is not only useful for bargaining. Learn some phrases and words to communicate better what you need. Besides, you will put the locals a big smile on their face. Learn your first words with an Indonesian Language class at Kubu Bahasa.

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