Bali souvenir shopping: The ones worth buying

Bringing gifts home is like bringing a bit of your beautiful memories to friends and family. We'll give you some inspiration for some serious souvenir shopping!

No more last minute souvenir stress!

We’ve all been there. Some serious last-day-of-the-holiday souvenir shopping! It’s always nice to bring something home for your loved ones. Especially when there is a beautiful story or memory behind it! Are you flying home for the holidays this year, or are you looking for some serious souvenir inspiration? We’ll help you out!

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Bamboo will do: from bamboo straws to toothbrushes!

Bali is a tropical island, which means bamboo everywhere! And they are just as good looking as they are sustainable. A nice musthave for smoothielovers, cooking fans, and nature freaks is the bamboo straw. Don’t forget to bring some for yourself, they will surely remind you about Bali instantly! A little extra is to look out for the brushes which some shops sell along with the bamboo. That might be convenient! And who says souvenirs can’t be for practical reasons?! Bamboo toothbrushes are good for the planet too! <3

Bamboo straws are an amazing first step, but there’s more! We listed some tips on sustainable travelling for you.

The coconut remedy: coconut bowls and amazing oil

We’re crazy about coconuts. But let’s admit, they are not only delicious, they also offer multiple ways of use. The coconut bowls will do an amazing job for your homemade dishes, (homemade nasi campur!), and the coconut oil is what your skin and hair might need after some beach and surfing sessions!

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Do you need some Balinese influences to fill the coconut bowl? Read about the lovely Balinese flavours and delicious streetfood.

Bali art and design

As you have been in Bali, you may have seen the different areas around Ubud, where every area has its craft. There is one for various materials like wood, silver and stone. This is the place where you can find beautiful wooden decorations, little statues, silver accessoires, a little stone carved statue, or any other beautiful creature that the areas are famous for. Let’s not forget about the other typical Bali design products, like a beautiful sarong, a cute (ankle) bracelet, or a nice dress. Ceramik artwork can also be a gorgeous gift. The things that seem to be common here can be a big surprise for people in your home country! Oh and stylish as it is, how about a Bintang shirt or cap? The fact that your friends or family haven’t been with you on your trip, doesn’t mean they can’t have a tourist look at home! 🙂

Are you staying around the cultural center of Ubud? Find your place to stay between our Ubud treasures!

Home Sweet Home: Bali interior design souvenirs!

You’re probably coming home with lots of new inspiration and experiences. Time to upgrade your house a little! The macramé plant hanger will boost your jungle needs and you can surely cheer up some friends and family at home as well with a beautiful gift like this. Bali will be a great place for interior shopping anyways, so leave a little space in your luggage for some Bali style interior goods!

Photo by Philipp Michalzik on Unsplash

Take a look behind the scenes at Home Sweet Home. Read more about us!

Sharing is caring: Bring your favorite herbs and spices

Are you enjoying your Bali kopi, herbal tea, and the miscellaneous herbs and spices in the Balinese kitchen? Pay it forward! Your friends and family will love a bit of Bali in their kitchen. Either a nice morning coffee, their warming herbal tea, or some Balinese flavours will do for sure! And how about the essential oils that you find around on the island often? Pick a scent for each and they will be very delighted!

Hard selling locals and annoying ways of selling? Think twice, read more about this and turn the table, we’re all the same 🙂

How about homemade souvenirs? Make your own natural beauty products and bring them home for your favorite natural beauty lovers.

What is your favorite Bali souvenir?

Did we forget one? Let us know in the comments what you like to bring home for friends and family. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

How about Bargaining in Bali? We’ll give you some tips!

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