Bali Food: Eat like a local

The biggest adventure that only the most daring of you will take on is Bali Food. And yes, there is more out there than ‘Indo Mie’ (Indonesian Instant Noodles) and ‘Nasi Goreng’ (fried rice)!

Bali offers a hundred things to do to cross off your bucket list – The Bali Food shouldn’t miss on your list.

Whether you are the relaxed kind of person who enjoys a walk through a green rice field or whether you are an adrenaline junky who is constantly looking for the perfect wave to ride or highest cliff to jump off. But the biggest adventure is yet to come: Indonesian Street FoodWanna eat like a local? Here are some tips to get around and survive.

Bali Food "five legs"

Search for what? Yes you read it right, we also cannot make any sense out of this description but the traditional street food sellers in Indo are called ‘kaki lima’ or ‘five legs’ and are vendors that sell their food from some genius construction on the back of their motorbike, a tent or push cart that mostly turn up once the sun settles in the evening. Artistic transport in Bali: What is that?

Bali Food Highlights

Starting from less than a dollar!


Bali Food small banana leaf boxes

Our all-time favourite for the little hunger in between: Nasi Jinggo, a small rice snack which you can find displayed on the sidewalk by street sellers. Wrapped with banana leaf or brown paper it contains a small portion of rice, shredded fish or chicken, fried noodle, boiled egg and sambal (spicy chilly sauce).

You can get it for as little as Rp 5000.


Bali Food ‘Lalapan’

Lalapan is written everywhere! What does it mean? It is the word for fresh vegetables that are usually served with duck (‘bebek’), chicken (‘ayam’), catfish (‘Lele’) and not to forget rice and chilly sauce on the side! However, don’t expect a huge amount of veggies on your plate. Although the name is lalapan the servings of vegetables are rather small.

Prices range start from Rp 15.000.


Bali Food: thick pancake, should I risk it and try?

Hell yeah! “OMG, why did I never try this before!” will be probably your words when you are eating your first ‘Terang Bulan’ which is an Indonesian thick pancake with various kinds of toppings. Translated it means “Moon Light”, because of its round shape. This delicious piece of heaven is mostly available in the evening. Besides the pancake you can also find ‘Martabak’ at the seller, which is a crunchy pan fried pie, filled with egg and other ingredients of your choice.

Price range starts from Rp 8.000.


Bali Food Satay – Just follow your nose!

Bali is famous for its pork dishes. So it comes only naturally that Satay is one of the most popular street foods. Try the one at Glora Trisakti night market in Seminyak (How to bargain?). you can also find ‘soto ayam’ (chicken soup), bakso’ (meatballs) and mixed iced fruit ice dessert. If you don’t like pork, chicken or fish are great alternatives. Just follow your nose. The smokey smell will make you hungry instantly.

Price range from Rp 15.000.

You haven’t been to Bali if...

… you didn’t cry over a sambal overdose! ‘Sambal’ – spicy chilli sauce – is served with almost every dish. Indonesian people just love to eat ‘pedas’ (spicy). Not into spicy food? Simply order: “Tidak pedas” (not

spicy) or “sambal dipisah” (separate the sambal). Learn these words, they are life-savers and will definitely save you a long visit at the bathroom! 15+1 problems you will have coming to Bali.

Eating in Bali: Tips & Tricks

Bungkus means ‘Take Away’

You don’t feel like eating your meal at the local market, but rather in you nice and comforting Homestay? Ask for ‘Bungkus’ (wrapped in banana leaves) to get your meal packed for take away!


Eating with fingers

Fun Fun Fun! Different countries – different eating habits. Chinese prefer chopsticks, western countries use a knife and a fork and Indonesians use the right hand. It isn’t dirty, it is super easy and fun: Try it! How to do it? By pinch all your five fingers together, and use it like a clam for the food, bring them close to your mouth and, ta-da you eat like local now. You think it’s weird? Clichés about Indonesia: We are all full of shit!


Flying Vendors

Indonesian food will always find its way to you. Too lazy to go out from your Homestay or move your behind from your towel on the beach? Don’t worry, Indonesian food will always come to you! Be it at the beach with all the flying vendors who sell ‘lumpia’ (spring rolls), fresh fruit or even ‘mie goreng’ (friend noodles) or directly at your Homestay if it is situated more locally: Keep your ears open for sounds that indicate a certain type of dish, for example ‘jagung’ (sweet corn), burgers and so many more!

Fun Facts: Flying vendors in Indonesia

Balibelly ‘a bad stomach’

Bali belly is indeed not pleasant to have. There is a possibility that you might get from local street food, drinks or spicy food. But just bear in mind that is not only about the food hygiene but also about what your body and digestive system is used to. Maybe the spices used in Indonesia are simply too much for you to handle, which is why we suggest to try the food in little steps and to use your common sense to evaluate the hygiene of a street food seller. Yet don’t be too afraid. Traveling is all about exploring new things such as experiencing new tastes. Learn more about health concerns in Indonesia.


The way to the heart is through the stomach. Learn how to cook delicious Indonesian dishes! We have a variety of wonderful places to stay and hosts you are happy to show you how it’s done. Enjoy a FREE cooking class with the wonderful hosts of Kubu Pilatus Inn! A bit further, close to Amed and Jemeluk Meditasi Bungalow is waiting for you to teach you amazing cooking skills. In Jatiluwih the wonderful place Bhuana Agung is ready to teach you some Indonesian cooking skills!

What are your favourite things to eat in Bali? Tell us about your best spots in the comments below!

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