Bali Culture: Offerings

Learn more about offerings the culture and believes on Bali – the islands of gods!

Bali Offering: An offering is a small handmade bowl made from coconut leaves filled with flowers and snacks and called ‘canang’ in Balinese language. You will find those pretty things all over the island.


Preparing and putting these offerings is an essential part of the daily ritual routine of the Balinese Hindu, this to please their goods and preventing bad things to happen. It seems, they are lying everywhere, on the street, on the sidewalk and even in house entrances, which makes it easy to step on when not paying attention for a moment.


Will I see offerings at my Homestay?

misfortune. Go ahead and ask your host, they will be happy to introducing you to their culture and share their stories! Meet the locals and stay with Home Sweet Home (, learn about their beautiful culture and get your blessings!

Of course, you sure will. Balinese will protect you from evil spirits with their prayers when you are staying at their Homestay! Therefore they make their offerings every day! Sometimes they even have an “invisible guardian” not only protecting you from spirits but even human


It is just a matter of time until you step into your first one.

Don’t worry, the locals will not see it as an act of disrespect. You will see that they will also wildly race over it with their scooters! However for your own sake you should beware of stepping on it while the incense stick it still burning. This is the time when the spirits and gods are feasting on it, which is why people say that one of them might go into your body and possess you if you disturb their meal! Want to learn more about Black Magic, Rituals & Ghosts in Bali?

Blessings for Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home celebrated its launch with a local blessing ceremony for success and the goodwill of the gods.  Thanks Pak Nyoman for making all the arrangements and inviting us to your house, it was an extraordinary experience for all of us!

Meet the locals: All of our hosts have a big heart. But our local super hosts make you speechless: They go beyond hospitality and care about you as part of their family! Check out more places with Local Super Hosts!

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