Surf Lessons & Trips in Kuta Lombok with ISURFLOMBOK

Choose from Beginner & Intermediate Lessons, Sunrise & Sunset Trips in Kuta Lombok & Around South Kuta.

Surfing in Lombok – Surf lessons and Surftrips with ISURFLOMBOK

Untouched nature, world class waves and clear blue beaches. The strong culture, stunning sceneries and friendly people make Lombok the perfect getaway. The Indian Ocean swell provides top quality waves with perfect surf conditions. Lombok island offers for every level of surfer a fitting surf break. Hours and hours surfing on challenging point breaks, reef breaks and beach breaks. ISURFLOMBOK will welcome you as a friend and let you experience the magnificence of Lombok.

2 Hour Beginner Surfing lesson

In this two hours surfing lesson with ISURFLOMBOK you get introduced into the fundamentals of surfing, wave dynamics, paddling skills, safety and etiquettes, positioning on the surfboard and stand-up techniques. Learn you how to ride those waves!

Intermediate Surfing Lesson – Coaching

Coaching with ISURFLOMBOK is about the progress from beginner to intermediate. It is about accelerating the progress, understanding the ocean and building confidence. It covers every aspect of surfing including swell forecasting, technique, board agility and etiquettes in the lineup.

Surf Guiding

Looking for a buddy to surf with full knowledge of the breaks of Lombok? ISURFLOMBOK will lead you to different surf spots, show you the best breaks and guide you with the local knowledge.

The area: Kuta Lombok

Surfing in Lombok is suitable for all levels of surfers. With local knowledge and lifetime experience, the team of ISURFLOMBOK will take you to the most suitable spots for your level. ISURFLOMBOK is based in Kuta Lombok, a village on the south coast. Within a scale of 10 – 30 minutes’ drive there are ten different surf spots which are gentle for beginners to challenging for experienced surfers.

About your Surf Instructors: Risman and Yoyo

Risman is born on Lombok island Risman has seen it growing and changing. It is getting a popular surfing destination which is a good thing. But he still loves the secret spots! Yoyo is full of life with a big smile on his face and will make your surfing day as much fun as possible. He will help you with understanding, get you up on your board and give you tips and tricks. ISURFLOMBOKS instructors are trained and follow the surf ethics. Safety is our priority. They make sure that the students feel comfortable in the water and having fun riding the waves!

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  1. Lisa Winter

    Surfing taught me about life and the immaterial meaning of happiness. I found myself sinking away from obligation and expectation. Living barefoot with salty hair and an unconditional smile on my face. Hours and hours I spend in the water, completely fulfilled with just the ocean and my board. Enjoying the scenery and feeling the power of Mother Nature. While my eye keeps looking to the horizon, the big splash on the rock means a big set is rolling in. Adrenaline kicks in, am I going to make it? I paddle hard and every time, over and over again, it amazes me! Thank you ISURFLOMBOK – you brought me into surfing and changed my life!

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