Sekumpul & Fiji Waterfall Hiking Tour in Lemukih

Take a bath in the waterfall, walk through amazing rice fields & experience pure nature in Lemukih!

Welcome to Sekumpul and Fiji Waterfall Hiking Tour in Lemukih

The Sekumpul Waterfall and Fiji Waterfall are true hidden treasures. The peaceful area and the few tourists make this waterfall to one of the best waterfalls in Bali. The waterfalls are simply magical – see water splashing down from 80m and simply stand still and listen to this wonderful sound of pure nature. The hiking tour will go through the rice field, down the stairs, through valleys visiting both waterfalls, Sekumpul Waterfall and Fiji Waterfall. But that’s beyond not all… Buda takes you on a circle scenic route showing you Lemukih’s true beauty!

Enjoy a half or a full day tour hiking the area of Sekumpul Waterfall and Fiji Waterfall!

About the tour guide: Buda from Lemukih

Buda is an amazing tour guide who goes beyond hospitality. He shows you all the hidden spots and takes good care of you. He is an extraordinary person that has dedicated his life to the village and to achieve happiness. He loves to introduce his guests to his culture and to show them the traditional Balinese way of life. Buda is also the owner of the wonderful accommodation Buda’s Homestay! 

Details about your activity

Half Day Tour:  to Fiji Waterfall and Sekumpul Waterfall (4 hours)
Full Day Tour: with jungle and rice paddy trekking to Fiji Waterfall and Sekumpul Waterfall (6 hours)

All Tours include: Welcome tea/coffee, tea/coffee break, entrance tickets, local guide!

What to bring: Comfortable shoes, swim wear, sun screen, water, Good mood & a smile!

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Any Questions?

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  1. Claudia Beil

    Hallo, wir sind mit unserer 5 jährigen Tochter auf Bali. Ist die halbtägige Tour auch mit 5 jährigem Kind möglich bzw. empfehlenswert?
    Vielen Grüße, Claudia

    1. Sara

      Hi Claudia,
      schön, dass du dich bei uns meldest. Die Tour wurde auch schon von Familien gebucht und ist sehr zu empfehlen. Allerdings gibt es viele Treppen zu steigen – aber wir haben ganz tolle Guides, die euch helfen, bzw. die Tour dann gegebenenfalls auch abwandeln können!
      VG & melde dich gerne, wenn du noch weitere Fragen hast.

  2. I had the best experience in Lemukih, Buda was a great guy and the family m the homestay were all amazing. It was a wonderful place to visit and trek from rice field to waterfalls.. But what really captures me is how welcoming this people are – I will definitely gonna come back here 😍

  3. patrick.gfeller

    We will stay at the Buda’s Homestay for 2 nights in July and we would like to book a guided tour which you offer. It’s better to buy this tour here on this website in advance or when we will arrive? I read, the offer here is for tourists who don’t stay at the homestay, so I am not sure what’s the best option for us. We are just looking forward to stay in your homestay and to join this tour and we hope that will be possible:)
    Thanks for your help!
    Kind Regards, Patrick

    1. Astrella Decembrica

      Hi Patrick!
      Hello from Bali. I hope you are having a great day so far. My name is Astrella and it’s my pleasure helping you out today.
      First of all, thanks so much for booking with HSH Stay and supporting the locals – your booking means the world to the locals and us!
      Regarding to your query, the tour offered on our website is for everyone! The ones who stay and the ones who don’t stay in the guesthouse are very much welcomed. It is of course to book in advance to avoid overbooking 🙂 But don’t worry usually the tour will be held in a small group.
      Let me know if you have any further questions, it’d be my pleasure
      Thanks so much and have a lovely day,

  4. Jolan Horvath

    Hi Sara,

    We are going to be in Bali from November 01. Could you tell me if it’s a bad idea to do the Sekumpul/Fiji waterfall hike because this time of the year there is usually too much rain and the trails are muddy?
    Thank you,

    1. Astrella Decembrica

      Hi Jolan,

      This is Astrella and it’s my pleasure helping you out today.
      It is true that in November the rainy season has started already in Bali and could be uncomfortable to hike during that time. If you like, you can opt to book the hiking trip just few days before you want to do it, so you be able to see the weather prediction 🙂

      Let me know if you have any further questions


  5. Jana Klett

    Hallo, wir würden gerne am 19. April eine Tour machen. Wann beginnt die Ganztagestour bzw. halb-Tagestour?
    Vielen Dank

    1. Sara

      Hi Jana, thanks a lot for your message. The starting time is very flexible. Usually it is at 9 or 10, but can be earlier or later! 🙂
      Let me know if you have further questions. It’s my pleasure helping you out.


  6. Cheryl

    Hi there!😊
    What is the difference between the half-(5hrs) and full (7hrs) day tour?

    1. Astrella Decembrica

      Hi Cheryl,
      Greetings from Bali! For Half Day Tou you will visit Fiji Waterfall and Sekumpul Waterfall only meanwhile with Full Day Tour you will also visit the Natural Water Slides and Water Jumping activity! Both are great and very recommended 🙂

  7. Hanne


    Next month I arrive in Bali. I would love to do the Sekumpul and Fiji hiking tour. How much will a pick up from and drop off in canggu be?

    Kind regards

    1. Sara

      Hi Hanne! Happy you are interested in the tour – it’s really a great thing to do in Bali. Regarding the pickup, the price from Canggu to Lemukih is 600.000 IDR per car. You can also book your transfer online with us! Or if you like, it’s also possible to stay in this area – we have amazing places to stay in Lemukih. Let me know if you have further questions, it’s my pleasure helping you out.
      Have a lovely day.

  8. Paul

    I want to do the “Full Day Sekumpul & Fiji Waterfall Hiking Tour”, do i have get to lemukih by myself or is a pickup included?

    1. Sara

      Hi Paul! thanks a million for your question. Transportation is not included but we are more than happy to organize it for you 🙂 Please let me know. It’s my pleasure!

  9. Vanessa Johnston

    On the Sekumpul & Fiji Waterfall Hiking Tour i see pictures of the swing in the rice paddy field but theres no mention in the half day or full day tours if we visit. Is it in both, just one or neither?

    1. Sara

      HI Vanessa,
      good to hear from you.
      Visiting the swing is included in both, the half and the full day tour 🙂
      Have a lovely day.

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