Indonesian Language Class with Kubu Bahasa

Learning the language with Kubu Bahasa opens not only doors but also hearts.

Learn your first words of Bahasa Indonesia

‘Selamat Pagi!’ is one of the first things you hear every morning! Balinese people are very friendly and welcoming – Learn their language, say hello and get in touch with a beautiful culture. Learning the language with Kubu Bahasa opens not only doors but also hearts!

1-hour introduction class

‘Apa kabar?’ means How are you in Indonesian. Learning a new language opens a new world! Study a few phrases and get a fun and easy intro into the beautiful language of Bahasa Indonesia.


10-hour Language Course – Private Class

Learn Bahasa Indonesia adjusted to your needs!  The classes are adjusted to the students’ level. Each class is held for 1 hour.


10-hour Language Course – Group class

Learn Bahasa Indonesia adjusted to your needs! Join the group classes (max 4 people). Please request the schedule for group classes. Each class is held for 1 hour.

About your teacher: Devi

Devi is born in Bali. Since she was a child she wanted to travel and explore new cultures. She always wanted to understand different languages and share the beautiful words of every language. Opening the language school Kubu Bahasa has full filled her dream. She is happy to share her knowledge and get her students closer to the language and the culture of  Bali and Indonesia.

About the School: Kubu Bahasa

Kubu Bahasa is more than a language school. They design individual classes for people’s needs. They are very flexible, adjust the classes to the students’ level and approach. No matter if you are just on a vacation or working in Indonesia. Group classes are held in our language school in Kerobokan, while a trial class can be held anywhere in Kuta, Seminyak or Kerobokan. Over a cup of coffee or a tea studying Bahasa Indonesia will be great fun on your vacation!

Details about your activity

What’s included: 1 Hour Teaching, work materials

What to bring: Notepad and pen, open mind to learn new things, good mood & a smile!

Where: Language School Kubu Bahasa in Seminyak, home schooling and meeting at other spots upon request (extra charge may apply)

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  1. Sara Richter

    Devi is an amazing teacher and the concept of her language school Kubu Bahasa is unique. She designs her lessons according to the student’ needs and totally fulfilled my needs. Working for HSH Stay I need to know how to speak to our wonderful Homestay owners. Devi didn’t only give me the vocabulary and speaking skills but also great and unique insides about the Balinese and Indonesian Culture. Currently I am taking classes with Hendra, another teacher of Kubu Bahasa. Heads up to him – enjoying every lesson!

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