RIMA Hotel

Enjoy some cozy times in a wooden house.


Due to COVID-19 we currently do not accept any bookings.

Features of this Home Sweet Home

Unique moments at RIMA Hotel

Welcome Home at Rima Hotel. This Guesthouse will make you feel like staying in a romantic chalet. It is made completely out of wood and lovely decorated with weaved pictures and flowers. When walking around you can hear the wood crunch underneath your feet, which automatically puts you in a snug mood. At Rima Hotel you will find super comfortable hangout areas made out of vintage sofas and tables in every corner. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea, breathe in some fresh mountain air and simply relax.

At this Guesthouse you will stay in clean and cozy rooms and sleep in a cushy bed. The colorful blankets will keep you warm during the chilled nights in Flores mountain area. If you want to keep an eye on your travel budget, you also have the option to choose an Economy Room, which is a bit more basic than the standard rooms and comes with a shared bathroom. However even the Economy rooms of Rima Hotel. Have their unique charm.

When you wake up in the morning, the friendly staff of the Guesthouse is already busy with preparing warm coffee & tea and your delicious breakfast to fill up your energy levels for another exciting day in Ruteng. Before exploring the Spider Web Rice Fields or Ruteng Village, simply enjoy some Morning Glory on the Guesthouse’s Terrace or on one of its Balconies.

Check out the beautiful nature of Ruteng area, stay at Rima Hotel and enjoy some cozy times in your wooden house.

Flores is full of treasures!

Swim in a stunning Pink Beach, sail across Flores hidden islands, join the komodo rangers in Komodo National Park – honestly, it’s a never ending list of what to do in Flores Island. Live your wildest dream and cross off your bucket list with Home Sweet Home! Find out the best things to do in Flores! 

Arrival & Departure times

Check in from: 2:00 PM (flexible) Check out until: 12:00 PM

Every booking counts:
With your Booking you support the locals 100%!

When booking your accommodation with HSH Stay you actively support Johannes Darung and the family who run RIMA Hotel.
Your booking makes a big difference for the people in Flores in Flores. The prices you see is what the locals get - We don’t charge any commission!

To run this unique concept we charge you a service fee of 11%. We add this to the price when checking out. The fee will only be charged when your booking is confirmed.

😇 Booking with HSH Stay you do everything right:
• For yourself,
• for the locals and
• for the earth.

Wake up, live in a dream & book your home sweet home with HSH Stay!

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Due to COVID-19 we currently do not accept any bookings.

Economic Single Room

From:  5.80US $ 6.70AU $ 9.50HK $ 52.20S $ 9.20Rp 100,000

Economic Double Room

From:  9.28US $ 10.72AU $ 15.20HK $ 83.52S $ 14.72Rp 160,000

Economic Twin Room

From:  9.28US $ 10.72AU $ 15.20HK $ 83.52S $ 14.72Rp 160,000

Standard Single Room

From:  11.60US $ 13.40AU $ 19.00HK $ 104.40S $ 18.40Rp 200,000

Tripple Bed Room

From:  12.76US $ 14.74AU $ 20.90HK $ 114.84S $ 20.24Rp 220,000

Standard Double Room

From:  14.50US $ 16.75AU $ 23.75HK $ 130.50S $ 23.00Rp 250,000

Standard Twin Room

From:  14.50US $ 16.75AU $ 23.75HK $ 130.50S $ 23.00Rp 250,000

Business Single Room

From:  14.50US $ 16.75AU $ 23.75HK $ 130.50S $ 23.00Rp 250,000

Business Double Room

From:  17.40US $ 20.10AU $ 28.50HK $ 156.60S $ 27.60Rp 300,000

Business Twin Room

From:  17.40US $ 20.10AU $ 28.50HK $ 156.60S $ 27.60Rp 300,000

Business Tripple Room

From:  20.30US $ 23.45AU $ 33.25HK $ 182.70S $ 32.20Rp 350,000


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✓ Response time within max 24 hours
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Simply because we want to make things easy for everybody. Not for every local host it’s easy to keep track of bookings and occupancy. That’s why we make it easy and simply offer bookings up on request. It takes 24 hours maximum until your booking gets confirmed – usually we are even quicker.

The standard rooms (if not described differently) are for 2 persons. However you can also book an extra bed for a third person. Once the booking request is made we will adjust the number of persons manually.

It is possible to simply book more than 1 room of the same guesthouse. Simply select your first room, enter the dates and the persons and click on ‘book now’. Furthermore go back to the guesthouse page and do the same again!

Booking Fee: 

  • To be settled after your booking has been confirmed
  • Use your preferred credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX) to guarantee the booking

Remaining open balance: 

  • To be settled upon arrival at the Homestay
  • To be settled in cash using Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Paying with credit card is not very common in Indonesia. Apart from hotels and western restaurant cash counts. But don’t worry, ATM machines for cash withdrawal are available all over Bali and most likely you will pass one on the way to your Homestay.

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The locals don’t pay any commission - the price you see is what the locals get! Our Karma-Business is driven by giving back to the locals through
creating equal opportunities and promoting conscious travelling.


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