Treasure Hunting

Discover, explore & join HSH Stay for an adventure. Staying in unique local places will turn your vacation into an unforgettable memory. What are you waiting for?

Homestays: Where the magic happens

HSH Stay offers many different places for many different people. Find out what is the best for you.

Home is where my bags are


The word Homestay is a bit misleading

Staying with HSH Stay you are not staying at someone’s home. Sometimes you stay close to the family but usually not in the same house. Staying in a Homestay you have your own little bungalow. Basically a Homestay has hotel standards and hostel prices! HSH Stay is offering everything from Guesthouses, Bed & Breakfasts, Beach Huts, Cottages, Bungalows – you name it.

Made for everybody

Everybody can stay in a Homestay. The rich, the poor, westerners, easterners, lonely wolves and families! Every Homestay is different. With our filter option you can find a perfect place for you. Everybody is different, right?

Be at one with nature

Simply click on the picture to find out where this unique treasure is.

Tree, Trees, treehouses

Many of us played in nature when we were younger. And some of us had the dream of a treehouse. No matter if it came true or not – now is the time for an adventure: Stay in a treehouse and enjoy pure nature!

Stunning views

Located on top of a tree, of course you will enjoy world class views. Wake up by the sound of the birds, watch a stunning sunrise, and live in a dream with HSH Stay.

A safe construct

Even though some of them don’t look like they are stable all treehouses listed on HSH Stay are safe. The HSH Stay team tested all of them. (We were actually surprised how stable they are!) better be safe, than sorry, right!

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Find your Home Sweet Home Stay with HSH Stay and enjoy unforgettable moments in a treehouse!

Bamboo Huts


It’s Bamboo, baby!

Made out of the strongest wood on earth those Bamboo cottages are inviting you to go back to nature. Usually located in between trees in the middle of nature.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Find your Home Sweet Home Stay and enjoy unforgettable moments in a Bamboo Hut!

Nothing but nature


life is busy enough

People, traffic, tourists, noise. Take some time off and explore Middle-of-Nowhere places with HSH Stay. Located off the beaten path you can enjoy some quiet moments and recharge. Relax and get some energy in an oasis of peace with HSH Stay.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Find your Home Sweet Home Stay and enjoy unforgettable moments at Middle of Nowhere places on HSH Stay!

Green, greener, ricefields


Green stands for harmony

Find your moments of peace and stay in between wonderful green rice fields and be surrounded by the breathtaking nature of Indonesia. HSH Stay opens doors to wonderful places for you. Stay green!

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Find your Home Sweet Home Stay and enjoy unforgettable moments surrounded by rice fields.

Like a fairy tale of 1001 nights


Colours full of magic

Indonesian architecture is very special. Enjoy a unique, colourful, and unforgettable environment. Stay at traditional Indonesian houses with HSH Stay.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Find your Home Sweet Home Stay and enjoy unforgettable moments with unique architecture!

Colorful, core colorful, Villa Villekulla


No limit to creativity

Not only Pipi Longstocking knows how to decorate a unique place! A bed from grandma, a picture from the flea market, and some lovely sheets from the the store next door. Enjoy a beautiful mix of everything with Villa Villekullas from HSH Stay. Some hosts love the attention to detail – Explore the creativity all over Indonesia.

Everybody can stay on the ground


You couldn’t feel more free

Especially Water Lovers can enjoy themselves at HSH Stay above water places. Connected with a bridge, you can easily walk to your front door. Wake up, read a book, and live in a dream while being surrounded by water all day and all night long.

Stay above the cliffs


is this real? am i awake?

Staying ‘above cliffs’ you will ask those questions every time you open your front door. Usually, we see those places in movies and most of the time they are available for loads of money for a high class villas.

Wake up!

It is not a dream, it is pure reality with HSH Stay! Open your door, get a fresh breeze from the ocean, and feel free on your cliff surrounded by the beauty called nature!

It is time to jump

Right into the best offers of Home Sweet Home Stays and sleep above the cliffs!

Who doesn't want to live at the beach?


Right there, right at the beach

Fall asleep with the sound of the waves, wake up and go for a morning swim or enjoy riding the waves for sunset! Staying right at the beach is the best. HSH Stay offers great spots right at the beach.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Beach Lovers find their best accommodation with HSH Stay.

Watch a million stars


Everybody can stay in a 5 Star Hotel

You couldn’t feel freer than staying in a Million Star Hotel. Imagine being cuddled up in a blanket, listening to the birds and enjoying a view of a million stars! Yes indeed, staying in Million Star Hotels means staying in a Hammock or at a campground. HSH Stay has beautiful Homestays, which offer this option for nature lovers and travelers on a shoestring.

Every place listed at HSH Stay has its own security. So your experience won’t be wild camping or hanging up a hammock in the middle of nowhere. All our places are authorised.

What are you waiting for?

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience at a Million Star Hotel of HSH Stay.

Priceless Add-ons for unique moments


Pssst, we have a secret to share…

The HSH-Stay-Team has visited almost every place you see listed on the website. It is truly amazing what the wonderful people offer beyond accommodation. Free cooking classes, free fishing-trips, a free zip line, a haircut for a couple of bucks – the list is endless! Watch out for a yellow star in the listings, or simply read through our secret Insider Tips!

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Find your Home Sweet Home Stay and enjoy unforgettable moments with exclusive Insider tips from the HSH-Stay Team.

They have everything you need, but what do you want?

Hotels are nice! They have everything you need. Villas are even nicer, they are full of luxury and make you feel like a king. Homestays are magical: They have everything you need – and they make you feel alive!

We love Banana Pancakes!

Bali Banana Pancake

Be prepared

Indonesia is also known as the country that loves to make Banana Pancakes for breakfast. Your pancake might be with sugar, honey or chocolate sauce but at the end of the day, it’s a banana pancake! Usually breakfast comes with a good cup of coffee or tea and some fruits.

Yummy Yummy Yummy I got some love in my tummy

Specially in Bali many places offer some varieties for breakfast. So you could also have toast with jam, any style eggs (well sometimes poached is not available!) or some porridge.

Need some variation?

See the bright side of it: A Banana Pancake tastes different at every place. You could also ask for an Indonesian breakfast: Nasi (Indonesian word for rice) is always available. Eat like a local! Or simply buy yourself a good western breakfast. You deserve it.

Indonesian backyards


Same Same but different

A garden in Indonesia can be a huge field for you to do your morning run but also a small green cute corner where you can enjoy your breakfast with bird sounds in the background. Places listed on HSH Stay with the feature garden have the opportunity to relax and calm down.

Size doesn’t matter.

Cool down


AC in your room

For those seeking some cold air in this tropical climate, HSH Stay offers the filter option AC for an in-room air condition.

Get some muscles in Indonesia

A gym in a Homestay

is not a gym you are used from the western world. There are several devices. Best is to check out the pictures to see what it a gym is like.

Let's get wet


Hot & Humid

Some might think you can find a hot shower in all of the places. This is not the case in Indonesia. But don’t worry, HSH Stay finds the perfect Home Sweet Home for you which includes a hot shower.

Keep in mind

Most of the time you don’t even want a hot shower to wash off your sweet sweat from the day!

Oh by the way – Sometimes the water pressure isn’t the best. (Oh Indonesia…)

Now is the time to relax


Let’s relax

A hammock is a fantastic place to relax from an exhausting day or to just let your thoughts wander. Some places offer a private Hammock for every room (mostly at the terrace), others just have one in a common area, or at the beach. Check the pictures of each listing, to see what you get!

Let's swing for a minute!


Enjoy some cozy time

And spend some moments in a swing. HSH Stay offers magical places perfectly to relax, read a book or simply to swing!

Relax. You are on vacation.


Take a moment of peace

Write, Read a book, or simply enjoy the moment at the Chill-Out area at your accommodation. Places listed on HSH Stay with the feature Chill-Out Area have some common space for people to meet, greet & hang out.

Let's get pampered, Baby!


Enjoy a massage at your place

Some of HSH Stay places offer in-house massage service. What a luxury – you don’t even have to leave the house – You can simply just sit there and get pampered from head to toe.

Gentle Reminder

Additional cost apply for in-house massage.

Work & Study Time


Why the hell would you need a desk when you are on vacation?

Some of you might wonder. But for digital nomads and students HSH Stay offers a filter function for a desk. Also, we want to welcome all artists and writers. It might be a bit easier finding inspiration with a nice rice field view.

A gentle reminder

When sending your booking request, make sure to mention the desk. The desk might not be super big and in ‘office style’. Please check the pictures to see if the table is suitable for you to work.

Leave your bags behind


Things in Indonesia are quite flexible

Therefore it’s not a problem to store your bags for a couple of hours after check out. For longer storage please talk to your host in person or simply ask the HSH Stay team.

No itchy, no scratchy


Bugs can be a nightmare in Indonesia

Don’t worry – Take it easy and simply find your place to stay with a mosquito net in the room. With HSH Stay you can easily filter by mosquito net.

Read more about mosquitos, Malaria & Dengue fever in Indonesia.

Scooter, Surfboard, Snorkel Gear


Wherever you are

A guesthouse has everything you need or knows somebody who can help you out. Want to rent a surfboard, a scooter or some snorkelling equipment? No problem!

Need a recommendation?

We have visited them all, we know them all, we know what’s best. Simply shoot us a message and we will help you out.

Indonesian bathrooms


a Bathroom isn’t a bathroom

Going to the bathroom in Indonesia can be an adventure! Sometimes you find only a hole in the ground and also no toilet paper. Don’t worry. Almost all places listed on HSH Stay all have western toilets. The ones which don’t are marked – there won’t be bad surprises.

Gentle reminder

Bathrooms aren’t the nicest in Indonesia. Go in, do your job and go out.

Have you ever heard of a butt shower?

Take a shower while watching stars


Shower in the bushes?

Don’t worry. Outdoor shower just means your bathroom is outdoors. It is directly connected to your room. Imagine: Enjoying a shower while watching the stars, being surrounded by palm trees and washing off the sweat or saltwater on your body? Sounds like a dream? Your dream will come true with HSH Stay.

Wifi in indonesia is not like wifi at home

Wifi in Homestays is enough to check your Emails, receive Whatsapp messages and send some photos to your loved ones back home. Usually Skype conversations work fine (if you are lucky even with video!) The Homestays have a usual up/download rate of 0.5 bits per second. Want to know how good your Wifi is? Check it out with a Speed test.

Once you are back home again…

…It’s time to watch Youtube Videos, stream movies and play games!

1 + 1 = 3

You want to squeeze a bit?

You are traveling in a group of 3? You have a child? Some of our Homestays are very flexible and offer you an Extra Bed (or mattress) for a small fee. Simply filter after the feature Extra Bed.

Gentle Reminder

Even though you might like it cosy, the room rates are for 2 people. If you wish to squeeze together in one bed, talk to us – We will figure it out with your Homestay!

Mimpi Manis (means sweet dreams in Indonesian)

Time to play in the water


Let’s get wet

Cool down, wash off the saltwater from the day and enjoy a Bintang in a refreshing swimming pool. Some places have a stunning view, perfect for you to wake up, take a swim and live in a dream.

In the mood for some low budget & High class infinity pools in Bali? 

Swing the wooden spoon


We cook because it’s fun

Food in Indonesia is cheap, no question. Some of us simply love cooking and the others crave some other food besides rice all day long. HSH Stay has a kitchen filter function for you.

Gentle Reminder

A kitchen isn’t a kitchen. Some places have a stove and a couple of plates, while others offer a fridge, a blender and even an oven. Simply check the pictures of the particular place.

Need a recommendation?

We have visited them all, we know them all, we know what’s best. Simply shoot us a message and we will help you out.

Eat at Home


warung means restaurant

Well, better said ‘Indonesian Restaurant’. Some places also have a Warung where they offer a variety of food. Mostly it’s yummy Indonesian food. Western food like sandwiches, pizza and pasta are coming more and more.

Need a recommendation?

We have visited them all, we know them all, we know what’s best. Simply shoot us a message and we will help you out.

Travelling with Special Needs


You need a little more?

Whether you are travelling with infants, your old granny, your pets or you have any other special need that requires attention: The HSH Team got you and will find the best possible accommodation for you, according to your wishes, needs and requirements.

Also check our “About Indonesia” section for more useful information regarding, climate, safety, travelling with kids, travelling with disabilities and pets.

Need a recommendation?

We have visited them all, we know them all, we know what’s best. Simply shoot us a message and we will help you out.

Its about You.
You are the one.

The world is a huge place if it comes to habits, rituals and luxury! Some want to jump right into the waves (we hear you surfers!) and others want to escape from the crowd and enjoy pure nature! Also nothing wrong with a good night of party, right young folks?


HSH Stay finds a place for you.


This filter option will be coming soon.

"Hang out and enjoy"


Dance on the beach. Dance in the club. Dance on your bed. Dance like there is no tomorrow. Meet like-minded people. HSH Stay found places located at the party hot spots with a great atmosphere and people who are looking for the same like you.

"Work. Beach. Repeat."


Travelling and working at the same time? Digital Nomads are living the dream, at least that is what the world thinks. But to be honest, when the circumstances are right – It simply is true!

HSH Stay offers places providing a desk, wifi, and a quiet area. Some of them are close to the major Co-working spaces in Bali. We are working on finding even more places providing High Speed Wifi. Please see the description of the Guesthouse listing for more information.

"It's about waves, Baby!"


Surf. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Surfing is more than a sport – It is a true passion and lifestyle. HSH Stay offers you the best accommodation close to world class surf spots in Indonesia. Wake up, fall into the waves, and live in a dream.

"I love me-time!"

backpacker girl lone wolve

Sometimes we need to disconnect from the world and reconnect to ourself. Enjoy some quiet time, explore the nature and feel alive. HSH Stay offers the best spots in the middle of nowhere. Wake up, have an incredible day with yourself and live in a dream.

"Priceless quality time"


Enjoy some wonderful moments with your loved ones and find your best accommodation suiting all of you. HSH Stay Family Rooms are suitable for 3 or 4 people. Wake up, laugh together, and live in a dream.

"I need palmtrees and ocean"


Life is better living on an island. Air, water, and palm trees are all you need? We got you – Enjoy some yummy coconuts on white sand beaches, go for a snorkelling trip, and ride some waves.

"Kissed by the sun"

girls tanning on beach beach potatoes

Put on your Bikini and relax in the sun. Explore the best beaches in Indonesia, and get some nice tan lines.

What you can expect from a Homestay

Hotels are nice! They have everything you need. Villas are even nicer, they are full of luxury and make you feel like a king. Homestays are magical: They make you feel alive!


The locals are very kind and supportive, friendly and welcome you with an open heart. They help you with everything you need.


You will find a clean room with fresh linen and sheets. Indonesians are very tidy and love to swipe the floors a couple of times a day.


They also live on the islands. Watch out for cute Geckos, they are all over the place. Always remember, animals are more scared than you are.


Homestays are very safe places watched by the family and neighbours. Every room can be locked and some have lockers inside.

Love & Hospitality

Places are made by people. Explore the culture, enjoy the happy smiles, simply find the real treasures! With HSH Stay you come as a guest and leave as friends. Meet the happy faces behind the scenes.