Best Things to do in Sanur

2 Days in Sanur

Enjoy the quiet life in Sanur and get ready for a nice get away to the south islands. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan are perfect to escape from the crowd.

Highlights of Sanur

What to do in Sanur

Things to do in Sanur: Watch the Sunrise

Good morning sunshine!

Sanur is known for its spectacular sunrises. Be ready to get up early to see the sun rising at the beach in the early morning hours! Check out other spots and activities you should not miss on Bali!

Things to do in Sanur: Beach Day
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Let’s go to the beach!

Sanur Beach is beautiful and very clean. The waters are shallow and waves break far outside which make Sanur a nice Family holiday destination. Check Bali’s best beaches!

Things to do in Sanur: Water Sports

Let’s get wet!

All kinds of water sports are offered in Sanur here a list to give you some ideas what the options are:

…and many many more! Have some fun on the waters of Sanur! Sometimes prices are not fixed so be prepared and learn how to bargain!

Things to do in Sanur: Food & Drinks

It’s time for a Lunch break!

Between all the beach time, you should not forget to check out some of the cozy cafe’s and small restaurants in Sanur. The choice is yours: Whether you are in need for a simple local Bali coffee or for a barrister masterpiece! Here a suggestion:

  • Warung Kecil mean “small restaurant”. The local dishes that they serve taste better than anywhere else!

Should I also check local street food? Yes, you should! It is very delicious and cheap. Learn more about Indonesian food and eat like a local!

Things to do in Sanur: Bicycle & taking a walk at the beach

Sanur by bicycle

Sanur is probably the only tourist destination on Bali that you can explore by bicycle. You can ride safely on the promenade by the beach and the main street where all the shops and cafe’s are located. Just ask at your accommodation or check around the streets for bike rentals. You can find them at every corner of Sanur!

Missing the old days, when Bali was still unspoiled by Tourism? Well… everything was better in the old days. Or was it?

Courtesy @lehalehaspa

Pamper yourself at the spa

There are plenty of Spa’s for every budget out there. Fact is that a really cheap Spa can be exceptional, but most of the times it will lack service. If you seek a perfekt Spa experience, double your budget: Not necessarily from the performance of the therapist will improve, but the whole experience and atmosphere. You are there to treat yourself, so it is indeed nice to receive one of these delicious ginger teas and get your feet washed in a wonderful rose pedal bowl before the treatment, rather then being immediately directed to one of these small cabins. The choice is yours!


Eat like a local at the night market

At nights locals build up their booths at Pasar Sindhu to sell fresh vegetables, dried fish, typical desserts and many tempting Indonesian meals. Can I eat streetfood? Find out more!

Check the location: here


Plan a getaway to sanur’s southern islands

Getting from Sanur to it’s southern islands is a piece of cake. Boats leave hourly from 7 am, take about 45 min. and vary in price between IDR 150’000 to 200’000 per way. You can easily organise this trip by yourself and don’t have to book a boat in advance. Simply purchase the ticket at the spot. Since the boat schedule is frequent and reliable, you can just go there and return whenever you feel like it.


Selamat Datang!

Selamat datang means Welcome. Wander around, say Hi to the people and enjoy nice talks and learn more about the culture. Meet the locals!

It is almost 100% sure that the locals will randomly start talking to you. Sometimes it is because they are just nice, sometimes they want to sell you something.

Soft selling isn’t their thing. They found their own charming way in trying to sell their services and products to the tourists. “Transport, transport?”, “Massage, massage?” and “Cheap, cheap. Look!” will probably still hunt you down in your dreams.

They say it so many times, as if you didn’t hear them. Well… don’t get aggressive. Remember that these people are just trying to feed their families and keep polite and give a reaction that shows, that you are interested or most of the times: NOT.

Tip: If you are really not interested, don’t let yourself get involved in a conversation, giving the seller hope. It will be hard for you, to get rid of them again and also will give you hard feelings. Stay consequent from the beginning, if you know what or what you don’t want. 5 Tips how to bargain the right way in Bali.

Your 2 Day Tour

Day 1

Start your day with a sunrise, followed by a great breakfast. Play on the beach, do some water sports and enjoy a cold coconut. Have some lunch in one of Sanur’s cozy cafe’s and explore the small village further by bicycle. Don’t miss to check the traditional market at night and eat like a local!

Day 2

Get up early and take a fast boat to one of Sanur’s southern islands Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan or Penida. Explore the small islands and don’t miss to go diving or snorkelling. Watch out for some majestic mantas!


Impressions of Sanur

Explore Sanur by Bicycle!

Sanur is probably the only tourist destination on Bali that you can explore by bicycle. You can ride safely on the promenade by the beach and the main street where all the shops and cafe’s are located. Just ask at your accommodation or check around the streets for

bike rentals. You can find them at every corner of Sanur! Missing the old days, when Bali was still unspoiled by Tourism? Well… everything was better in the old days. Or was it?

Where to stay?

Jepun Bali Homestay


Jepun Bali Homestay is a quiet oasis in the middle of Sanur. You are very central and everything is just around the corner.

Nyaman Guesthouse


Welcome coziness! This homestay is very inviting and the small little pool is always a good refreshing for those hot Bali days.

Diving Indo Sanur


This Guesthouse is a good fit for divers on a low budget. You will not only but a place to sleep but also a place to dive!

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Let's talk about...

Money, currency, safety and essentials in Indonesia. Find general facts about travelling, culture, country and people in the section about common information about Indonesia.

Getting around in Sanur

Transportation in Indonesia can be a hassle. Driving yourself is simply scary. Don’t worry, we drum up the best drivers to show you an amazing experience and the beauty behind this unique country. And who knows better about the place than the locals? Get your driver today with HSH Ride.


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