Best Things to do in Lovina and North Bali

See dolphins, visit waterfalls and don't forget to explore the under water world in Lovina & North Bali.

Welcome to North Bali: Lovina, Pemuteran, Lemukih & More!

The north of Bali is full of world class diving, amazing waterfalls, and the best chance to see some dolphins! Meet the open hearts from Pemuteran to Lovina and Lemukih. Check out where to go and find the best things to do North Bali.

Aling Aling Waterfall – It’s time to get wet!

Things to do in Bali: Aling-Aling WaterfallHiking, cliff jumping, natural water slides, or simply taking a dip in the turquoise blue waters at Aling-Aling & surrounding waterfalls. You can still find a good portion of peace here because it is not as crowded as other waterfalls (and despite being the most beautiful one). You can also do quite a hike here, as the river runs down to the valley into several waterfalls with breath-taking views, and even a beautiful canyon!

How to get to Aling Aling Waterfall? You can find the location here:  Aling-Aling Waterfall & Secret Garden close to Singaraja. Let us know if you need a transport in Bali! 

Visit Gigantic Git Git Waterfall

Powerful Git-Git Waterfall is one of the most popular spots in the North of Bali, as you will pass it on the route from the south to the north. Unfortunately, it will be unlikely that you meet your majesty by yourself. Watch out – This spot can get rather crowded!

Looking for Best Waterfalls in Bali? We know them all. Swim in a waterfall, take a shower, jump from the cliff & much more. Simply find all best waterfalls in Bali! 

Dolphins in Lovina

2-days-in-north-bali-dolphin-watching-lovinaWhat they say is true, the dolphin watching tours in North Bali’s Lovina can get very crowded with up to 15 boats chasing after a school of dolphins. Bummer… But, wait till you sit on this boat, watch the sun rise and see your first dolphin in raw nature!

Is this a great thing to do or harming the dolphins? There have been many negative comments about it, and it’s true: Some boats simply run over them. Look for a sustainable tour company!

Go Snorkeling in Menjangan Island


Menjangan Island is a small island, located 5 miles to the north-west of Bali. “Menjangan” in Indonesian means “Deer”, and was introduced by the locals who saw deer swimming over to the island every spring. Menjangan Island is uninhabited and belongs to the Western National Park of Bali. Staying around Singaraja or Pemuteran, you can take diving or snorkelling excursions there.

Do you need a place to stay in Pemuteran? We got you – We have amazing guesthouses who can also help you organize your trip to Menjangan Island. Book your place to stay in Pemuteran! 

Take a bath in the Banjar Hot Springs


The traditional Balinese hot spring is Bali’s most popular one. The stone carvings and temple-like architecture create a special atmosphere. The carved dragons that spray the natural hot spring water are believed to bring fertility and prosperity in the Balinese Hindu belief. It is also said that they hold the elixir of life and immortality. Who knows. Maybe a bath will help? It won’t hurt for that matter. Find out more about the Balinese culture and beliefs!

Snorkeling at Bio Rock Coral Planting Farm in Pemuteran

Did you ever wonder where the cover photo of HSH Stay was taken? Now you got it – it was taken at the Coral planting farm Bio Rocks in Pemuteran. This is a great spot to snorkel and see several sculptures. The wonderful guys from Bio Rocks are planting corals and supporting the nature!

Sekumpul Waterfall and Lemukih

You probably haven’t heard of Lemukih yet. It’s an ancient village located in North Bali close to Singaraja. Famous Sekumpul Waterfalland Fiji Waterfall are around the corner – But that’s by far not all: Stand on top of the waterfall, have fun in a natural water slide and explore the untouched nature and wander around the amazing rice fields of Lemukih. There is plenty of things to do in Lemukih. Simply forget time, live in nature and feel alive! At Lemukih you have a 100% happiness guarantee! Let’s find the best things to do in Lemukih!

Best places to stay in Pemuteran, Lovina, Lemukih and North Bali

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